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Mr. Duff's Best of 2020: FINALE!!!

Mr. Duff

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I haven't done this in a while (I think the last one I did was in 2012 - far too long, I'm so old now) and I am not creative or artistic in any way so please excuse the "vanilla" countdown I will be doing. I planned on doing singles, albums, movies and tv shows but I haven't really watched that many movies and shows this year so I will be sticking with singles and albums - I will be listing my top 100 singles and top 30 albums of 2020. :party: 


I will begin tonight Ireland time with the albums and singles that "barely made it" and begin the countdown tomorrow onwards. Any guesses? I'm not really popular here in ATRL but I assume most of you know my top favorite artists. But definitely, you will be surprised with some of those that made my favorites :fonso: :duca: 


Post your guesses and we'll begin in 8 hours! Looking forward to your interactions. :jonny5:

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So I tried to make a banner just to make this more enticing... I guess. :dies: 


Before beginning the proper countdown, here are the songs that almost made my top favorites but just didn't quite made it.



Songs that just can't make the cut:


Sam Smith - Diamonds

I honestly love this song and when I am tallying my top 100, I am contemplating on making it at least #99 or #100. Unfortunately, even though I love it, I prefer most of his early releases this year, despite this track being one of the strongest in the album. I guess I am just a sucker for more subtle songs and this is a standard pop track that somehow got shuffled in an era where a pandemic is prevalent.


Bazzi - Young and Alive

Bazzi is one underrated artist, and even when his new releases are mostly duds, this one is special. He is always able to deliver the Lauv-esque tracks and give them his own twist. Hopefully he comes back harder next year as he has a beautiful voice.


Jeremy Zucker - Always, I'll Care

I have always adored this song and so much more than his other song "Comethru". Too bad it just didn't make the cut. Still, give this a listen - it's the perfect breezy love song that you need during your winter walks.


Conan Gray - Heather

Heather is a song that Troye Sivan could have done better, but Conan Gray makes the most of it. It's so good to listen to when you like daydreaming but if you have self-pity issues then this song will more likely hit you harder. Still, the story of the song is beautiful if you dig deep and I sure wish it became a hit because it did really well on Spotify.


Lauv - Love Somebody

This is such a great song and I remember listening to this song so much last summer. I am a sucker for the chill-type of songs that ATRL hates, but that's me. Unfortunately, I tried to squeeze this is my top 100 too, but couldn't.


Niall Horan - No Judgment

I am a huge fan of Niall and you'll see more of him in my countdown, and while this song is really catchy, it's just not his best music. Still, it is worthy to be recognized. I wish Niall could be more successful with the next albums because his songs are outstanding, just not this one I guess.


Selena Gomez - Boyfriend

 I honestly didn't like this at first listen but it grew on me, I guess because I am in love with that bass structure just like with Charlie Puth's Attention. I also tried to put this in the top 100 but it just can't make it.


BENEE - Supalonely (featuring Gus Dapperton)

This is a song that I honestly liked because of Tik Tok. It's so "Lily Allen" and so harmless that its catchiness is enough to make me like it.


Dua Lipa - Levitating

Dua's 2020 is definitely a great year for pop disco music. This song is so cool, but the original stomps on the remix. And unfortunately, just outside of my top 100.

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Since I only put in studio LPs in my top albums, here are my favorite EPs of the year before starting the countdown:


Cassadee Pope - Rise and Shine


Top tracks: Rise and Shine, Hangover, Built This House


JP Saxe - Hold It Together


Top tracks: If the World was Ending, 3 Minutes, Sad Corny Fu.ck


Troye Sivan - In A Dream


Top tracks: Easy, In A Dream, Take Yourself Home

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Diamonds, Levitating, Supalonely, and In a Dream EP are all great


Heather is cute too, but Conan has better songs


Excited to see what else is coming!

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So much love for Levitating :eek: 


I will start with the actual countdown tonight, Irish time, but here are the albums that just didn't make it:


JoJo - December Baby

Yes it's a Christmas album but her vocals are divine here, and the songs are so good!


Luke Combs - What You See Ain't What You Always Get

I love country so this had a special place in my heart, it almost really made it before it got kicked out by my #30.


Kesha - High Road

Rainbow outclassed, but still a solid record, aside from a few songs.


David Archuleta - Therapy Sessions

I know he is a has-been (or has he even become huge?) but I really enjoy his vocals and this album is actually pretty good.


Louis Tomlinson - Walls

I'm a big fan of One Direction but Louis is not my favorite member. He did try though and songs like Two of Us make him worthy. The album is kinda good, but also kinda monotone (which is what I somehow liked about it).


Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself

This woman just has the perfect angelic voice, but she is stuck with pop songs that doesn't highlight how clear and beautiful her vocals is. The albums have some highs but also some lows that I found it hard to put in my top 30.



Next update I will reveal 100-96 songs and 30-29 albums - so stay tuned!!!

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This best of is flopping so hard like my faves Demi and Hilary:dies: Anyway, let the real countdown begin with the 100-96 singles and 30-29 albums.


Top 100 Favorite Singles of 2020


100. RAC - Never Let You Go (featuring Matthew Koma and Hilary Duff)

The only song from Hilary this year, barely made it to my top 100. I did enjoy this song for a while but it being a cover definitely didn't stand out much. Still, it's a blessing to hear Hilary sing and this song is truly ear-candy pop that you just can't resist it.


99. Sasha Sloan - Lie

I only got into Sasha this year, but she's amazing! This is a really great pop song, but I prefer her more mellow tunes - but thank God for this song I discovered her!


98. Juice WRLD & Marshmello - Come & Go

I have always liked Juice WRLD and this unusual collaboration with Marshmello is a great sign that weird collabs work. The chorus when the guitar breaks in is my favorite part.


97. JoJo - What U Need

Of course JoJo always delivers! This RnB bop is just what you need in a miserable day.


96. for KING & COUNTRY - Together (featuring Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly)

I do have a religious side and this song is my go to song when I feel sad for being away from my family. I don't know, I just feel empowered listening to this. Surely this won't be the tea for most people here but I love it. The guy's voice is so good too!



Top 30 Favorite Albums of 2020


30. Selena Gomez - Rare


Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed when this first came out because it's so monotone and "just there". However, the deluxe had She and Feel Me which somehow increased my interest in this album and tried it again, for which I learned to like most of it. Still, Revival is amazing so I hope she gets inspiration again. This barely made my top 30 just because of the deluxe tracks.


Favorite tracks: Look at Her Now, Feel Me, People You Know, Lose You to Love Me, She



29. Rhys Lewis - Things I Chose to Remember


I'm sure not one of you would know or like this because he's an indie soft pop artist - but the approach he does in his songs are like James Bay meets old Ed Sheeran. maybe that's just me, but I love it. This album is really good to listen to especially when it's raining or freezing cold during winter.


Favorite tracks: What If, Hold On to Happiness, Good People, No Right to Love You, When Was the Last Time?

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High Road well... has a couple good tracks I guess :keir:

I should check Rhys Lewis

What U Need was fine but I just can't bring myself to be interested in what JoJo is doing lately, even though I appreciate the mature sound

Lie was cute from what I remember!

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Sunderland 4ever
17 hours ago, Mr. Duff said:

Kesha - High Road

I still haven't given that album a listen. Just heard a couple of tracks and they were decent.

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Top 100 Singles:

100. RAC - Never Let You Go (featuring Matthew Koma and Hilary Duff)

99. Sasha Sloan - Lie

98. Juice WRLD & marshmello - Come & Go

97. JoJo - What U Need

96. For KING & COUNTRY - Together (featuring Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly)


Top 30 Albums:

30. Selena Gomez - Rare

29. Rhys Lewis - Things I Chose to Remember



Top 100 Favorite Singles of 2020


95. The 1975 - If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)

The 1975 have two entries in my countdown, and they're first one ranked at #95. Love their new album so much and this is one of my favorites in it.


94. Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am

I am not a big fan of Billie but I did enjoy Bad Guy. I am still indifferent to her voice but this one stuck with me from the first time I heard it. It's just I also easily get burned out of her songs, maybe because it feels really flat despite being catchy for a bit.


93. Megan Thee Stallion - Savage (featuring Beyonce)

I am not a huge fan of female rap songs but I got addicted to this song probably because I always hear it due to Tik Tok then I just naturally liked it.


92. Marshmello & Imanbek - Too Much (featuring Usher)

Sure this song is as basic as it can get, but I bop so much to it. I do wish the EDM wave but it's okay because we occasionally get them from several DJs every year. Usher is also tailored for EDM (maybe he can mix it with his amazing RnB stuff) - wish to see him again with great material because his most recent music were not it for me.


91. Dua Lipa - Break My Heart

Okay so I'm a huge fan of Dua and Future Nostalgia is definitely a defining album of 2020, but I honestly like the album tracks more than most of the singles. That's why Break My Heart just nearly but is still unable to scrape the top 90. It's really catchy though, but I don't think it's one of the strongest tracks in her album. I'm surprised it had so much longevity on radio though. Dua is really the top pop girl of 2020. (Not counting Taylor since her releases this year weren't pop)



Top 30 Favorite Albums of 2020


28. Jason Mraz - Look for the Good


Jason Mraz's newest album exudes so much positivity and he capitalized more on the reggae sound of I'm Yours. Truly, this feels disconnected with what happened in 2020 but for me who appreciates the positive vibes, this album just helped me course through 2020.


Favorite tracks: Make Love, Good Old Daze, Gratitude, Look for the Good



27. Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue


Ellie's newest effort is a mix between how she lost her sound and also how she strengthened her sound, if that makes sense. She has a side here where she showered us with beautiful melodies layered with her breathy but effective vocals, and then there's also the side where she just recorded a bunch of "mainstream" tracks that feel soulless. However, I tend to just enjoy the tracks I love and let go of the "predictable" tracks. Overall it is still a solid effort but I just missed the excellence of Halcyon (and also Delirium because as mainstream as it is, it was more well done than this one). Flux is one savior of this album too. How Deep is Too Deep is also a clear standout.


Favorite tracks: Flux, How Deep is Too Deep, Love I'm Given, Start

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Never Let You Go :clap3: kinda forgot about it, but it was nice to hear her voice... on something :rip:

What U Need :katie2: not my favorite , but she looks so good in MV


Brightest Blue and Rare :clap3: 

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