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Reminder that the US Politics Thread is a privilege. In the past, the staff of ATRL has been hesitant of maintaining US politics threads outside of presidential election cycles due to the room for drama and inordinately intense back-and-forth. Be mindful of that. Thread bans from the US Presidential Election 2020 Thread have not been carried over for this thread to give everyone a clean slate. Do not abuse that by ramping up discourse beyond the pale. So, please, be respectful and remember that you do not always need to respond to everyone. 

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Hey everyone!


With permission of ATRL admins, I can announce this as the new official home for discussions related to US politics for the time being!


2020 US Presidential Election



(op will be under construction for a little bit)


Please, remember to be courteous to other members because not everyone will see every issue in the same way.  Flame bait, name calling, trolling, and other disruptions will not be tolerated.  Friendly debate is welcome and encouraged :heart2: 

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get rid of McConnell 

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If you live in Georgia and aren't registered to vote, you still have a couple days before the deadline ends for the Senate runoff!



You have the power to get rid of Mitch McConell by electing Warnock and Ossoff on Jan. 5th :heart2:

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HELLO first page. Support the Green New Deal, tax the rich, and most importantly stan Marianne!



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