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Gaga Announces Chromatica Oreos


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And ATRL had a field day thinking she was gonna advertise Oreos. 


Turns out Oreos will be advertising her own album. I love seeing ATRL lose I SWEAR. :toofunny3:

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They're launching a campaign with her on Dec 15th along with a website, also the rumours that have been going around since last week about a Sour Candy video on the 14th :jonny: 

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1 minute ago, Oni said:

what took me out is the album cover being on the cookie 

kind of iconic, tbh


the album cover + more chromatic logos will be on the cookies!


they look so cute :jonny5:

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2 minutes ago, Bribe said:

:bibliahh: She couldn't even bother getting out of bed

:bibliahh: the way she's really lying flat on her back. I expected her to even just be sitting in bed and showing off  the Oreos :skull:

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