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"2020, man" - gagacasanova's Best of 2020: k bye for now


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welcome to my best of 2020, a "celebration" of music within this chaotic ****fest of a year. first off let me say i initially planned on having just about any song i liked from this year into the main countdown... but then i realized after looking at that list, there was a bit of oversaturation, so i've decided to bring back an old countdown that i killed off sometime ago to sort of balance it out. this best of is going to play off a little differently than previous years... all the lists are statistically done by my last.fm, with the exception of the main list, that is done purely by me and my favoritism. the reason for this is the chaotic shift i have had with music. also, if you've stuck with me since I started this back in 2014, you'll notice some years have themes to them... 2015: 1989, 2016: Joanne, 2018: reputation... 2020 will be based off folklore, as i love the aesthetics for the record (the record itself not so much). anyways, let me stop babbling and let me give you the rundown on how this whole thing will go...

• top 40: my favorite songs of the year (eligibility december 1, 2019 - november 30, 2020) *note - this is the second time this has been extended from 30 to 40*
• top artists: my favorite artists of the year. new material does not need to be considered.
• top timehop: my favorite throwback tracks of the year (eligibility: 2018 and earlier)
making a comeback...top obsessed tracks: songs new and old i have been playing on replay (by lady gaga, buy on itunes and stream on spotify)
• honorable mention: "to all the albums i've loved". this will cover all the records i've spun this year and thoroughly liked, whether it be the whole project or some.

...ready for it?

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1 hour ago, Lazuli said:

nnn not this best of brought to us by instagram stories :dies: 

exile, TLGAD, ysbs :jonny: 

Better than those **** "Polaroids" I did back in 2015:toofunny2:

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You should be sad starting us off :smile: the last great american dynasty :heart: exile :smitten: 2 really great tracks from folklore yup!


Ready for the rest as usual :foxaylove: I wonder who will show up on the timehop lists :fan:

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