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Demi officially debuts her new look AGAIN!


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3 hours ago, BlazingLovatic said:

girl GIVE IT UP.

SNS has more Spotify streams than every single song in Katy Perry's entire discography

idk what you're trying to prove here or who you're trying to prove it to, but nobody is buying what you're selling


let ppl talk abt Demi's hair in PEACE ty

Witness outstreamed like 2x in YouTube, definltely DEMI has more pure sales and thats it

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2 hours ago, prézli said:

Wasn't she at Eurovision?

She was, too bad her performance was a mess and she ended up like 21th :toofunny2:

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10 hours ago, Lyrical Liar said:

Not some of you battling it out about chart stats over a HAIRCUT, I- :toofunny3:

they are INSANE, it's getting out of control

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