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Nathan Dawe f/ Little Mix - No Time For Tears


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I don't think as many people will get involved this time unfortunately. The chance of the number one is what pushed loads of fans to buy copies of Sweet Melody.

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Still a good 10k or so off the Top 50 on Spotify. I don’t think this is going to happen now, sadly. 

Oh well, still a bop nonetheless! I do feel sorry for Nathan though, they probably thought this was going to be a smash but it just never recovered after Christmas. 

Hopefully a cute Top 20 peak this week, though.

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On 11/27/2020 at 2:47 PM, sh0ckw4ves said:

I don't love the song, I actually think it's a little boring. But the bridge is nice and they all sound great! Plus Nathan is being super supportive.


My only thing is... isn't it a bit soon? The timing scares me a lil. SM is still strong/increasing, the Christmas Freeze is about to hit. It would've been great in the first week or two of January I think :chick1: I just want them to keep this momentum and don't want them to shoot themselves in the foot (especially considering the next Confetti single might be a bit of a gamble). 

@RCA Hire me!!!!!!!


I think we'd be seeing a different story if they released this week off the back of SM's success :dancehall2: But lemme join in the buying party ffff

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Queen Conchita
3 hours ago, Dizzy said:

I see the mass buying has pushed the song up to... #9 on iTunes :skull:

ff atleast the remixes entered the top 1500 again at #21 & #24, get those 6 sales x


poor guy tho you can tell they don't care about this song at all :skull:

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This is just arrived at the wrong time, should’ve release this now and it will do better. Also the push from Atlantic is not strong at all. Discounted remixes are just for fans mass buying it, but they don’t do anything to try to get this hot in the Spotify which is the only metric matters now. I guess the label just pulled the budget after all these tragic streams.

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