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Genshin Impact | 1.5 Beneath the Light of Jadeite | ZL 28.04


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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources. The game is online-only and features a limited multiplayer mode allowing up to four players to play together. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS on September 28, 2020, and is also planned for release on the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


Genshin Impact takes place in the world of Teyvat, which is home to seven distinct nations, each of which is tied to an element and ruled by a god associated with it. The story follows a twin, referred to as the Traveler, who travelled across many worlds but become separated from their other twin by an unknown god in Teyvat. They travel across Teyvat with their newfound companion, Paimon, in search of their lost sibling and becomes involved in the affairs of the world and its nations.


The game received a generally positive reception, with critics praising the combat and open-world freedom, while some criticism was raised at its endgame. The game grossed over $250 million within a month, making it one of the largest mobile game launches in history.






1.5 Beneath The Light of Jadeite



New event

  • Hangout Event (Diona, Noelle part 2)
  • Energy Amplifier Initiation
  • A combat event with different buffs
  • Battlefront: Misty Dungeon
  • Windtrace: A hide-and-seek event.
  • Mimi Tomo: event featuring the Unusual Hilichurl


New Character

- Eula 5 star
- Yanfei 4 star


New Permanent System (Housing System)

  • Decorate your island/ house with Furnitures.
  • Craft decors using materials such as Wood.
  • Receive rewards like Transient Resin & Vial of Adeptal Speed.


New Quests

  • Zhongli's Second Story Quest
  • Eula's Story Quest


New Area & Bosses

■ Abyss Lector
 New Boss to be battled in the World Quest.■ Azhdaha (Dahaka)
 New Boss to be battled in Zhongli's story Quest.■ Cryo Hypostasis
 New Hypostasis Boss for 1.5. Located in Dragonspine.


▼Promocodes Chinese Livestream Promocodes


KTNSCQWW922M = 100 primos + 10 mystic ore

ET7ADQFF8KJR = 100 primos + 5 Heros wit

PSNTC8FEQK4D = 100 primos + 50K mora

4BNSD3675J8D = 100 primogems + 5 heros wit

FS6SU367M279 = 100 primogems + 10 mystic ore

ATPTUJPP53QH = 100 primos + 50K mora



Official Website

Genshin Impact Helper Team's Character Builds

Genshin Impact World Map

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funnily enough, the goal of main character is to find their lost TWIN :deadbanana4:

if only they knew the lost twin was nintendo exclusive.. :rip:

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I tried to play, but my video card apparently can't handle it and it crashes. hoping they fix this sometime in the future, the game looks beautiful. but I'll probably play once in a while, I'm too invested on Valorant and Fortnite right now

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I hate that I cant get 5 stars characters and I wont spend money on this ****:deadbanana4: But overall it's really fun and very impressive for a mobile game. 

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Not this game again :skull: Local incels are all over it and I don't understand the appeal at all. The character design is revolting and the game looks washed out. 

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It's triggering how impossible it is to get the 5 stars, as a F2P experience it's great but pay to win you'd have to spend thousands of dollars to get AND use all the 5 stars released.

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I tried playing on my original PS4 but the frame rate was atrocious. The art style is gorgeous though so I will be redownloading this on my PS5 this week :smitten:

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I'm F2P and i've been saving the rewards so i have enough resources to get a guaranteed 5 star :celestial4:you guys should be spending your primogems on event banners for a character that you like (Venti, Klee and now Childe is coming), not the standard one because you could get a 5 star weapon instead of a character


I love the game, the character design, the world building, the music, the stories, everything is top notch, this is not the game where you'll get every character so don't play with that mindset :celestial5:

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I'm obsessed with this game and this comes from a Zelda/Nintendo fanboy. :jonny: 


I didn't spend 1 cent and I have like 12 characters and I got a 5 star Venti :jonny: 


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venti is too op. i want klee and i am actually contemplating spending $100 just to get her. :deadbanana4:i also need to summon on the weapon banner since all the f2p ones are trash. this games is ridiculous on wanting you to spend. :toofunny2:

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  • #FreeBritney Activist

Been playing since yesterday and it’s honestly really cool even though it’s a total BOTW rip off. But it’s so frustrating how hard it is to get a 5 star character, I want at least one to carry my team :jonny2: It was much easier in Fire Emblem Heroes

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This game is amazing so im surprised that this thread was recently made without much traction. It's exciting summoning new characters and I love that it's an open world game.

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