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Miley Cyrus - 'Plastic Hearts'


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22 minutes ago, campelo said:

can we have a list of leaks and songs from this era, I'm a bit lost :katie:

from the original 'Mother's Daughter' album which was meant to be released 23/11/18 (white being released, green being l worded and red is we don't have yet)


1. Sagittarius

2. Mother's Daughter

3. Slide Away

4. Party Up The Street

5. American Dream

6. Naked

7. Golden G String

8. Mary Jane

9. Victoria (partially, dk if its full)

10 Cattitude

11. Bad Karma

12. I Play With Fire

13. Coldblooded


and from the 2019 SIMC - including EP's


1. Gimme What I Want

2. Plastic Hearts

3. Win Some, Lose Some

4. Night Crawlin' (feat. Billy Idol) [Will be on the album]

5. What The F**k Do I Know?

6. Hate Me

7. Angels Like You





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I'm hesitant to believe this is true unfortunately. I'd love to be proven wrong, I think this could end up being her magnum opus :wap:

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  • #FreeBritney Activist

7th :jonny: doesnt even count her HM albums



anyways finally!!
Didnt she say that she doesnt feel like releasing an album tho?

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Can't wait :duca: I hope older songs from She Is Coming aren't included, I need this to be a cohesive disco/synthpop project with some rock influence

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15 minutes ago, Scandalous said:

if the leaks & Midnight Sky are anything to go by we’re about to get her best album :jonny5:


She can‘t be so dumb and leave Angels Like You behind.

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10 minutes ago, Ivan_brit said:

I predict November 13 release


Either this date or the best is if she wait until January 

I‘d say November 27th.

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