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London Grammar - “Californian Soil”


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Third studio album, coming April 9th 2021. 




1. Intro

2. Californian Soil

3. Missing

4. Lose Your Head

5. Lord It’s A Feeling 

6. How Does It Feel

7. Baby It’s You

8. Call Your Friends 

9. All My Love 

10. Talking 

11. I Need The Night 

12. America 



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Oh a "short" album finally!!


The cover is gorgeous af and i liked both singles. February tho............. ... ..

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Babes COVID won't be over in February but okay!


Anyway I'm pretty excited, I've already liked the output on this so far better than the last record (at least I think, I've like never revisited that album).

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perpetual novice

Are you kidding me? When has album postponements this long ever helped anyone, just like every other time we see this happen it will eventually come out at some point the artist is over it and flop

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but they already dropped 3 songs and now theyre postponing it? messss


at least have like 3 extra tracks on there :deadbanana2:

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