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Pokémon Bingo | S1 Winner: Henry, S2 soon!


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1 hour ago, Staryu said:


Sorry for being a sloppy/messy host but thank you for playing anyway :heart2: 

Henry is our winner because he reached 110 pokecoins tonight, PinkBox is 2nd with 100 coins, and Touya is 3rd with 73 coins! :clap3:

 Congrats to all 3!! 


These are the final coin totals I have, let me know if there's a mistake but doesn't really matter since Henry won x


1. Henry - 110 coins
2. PinkBox - 100 coins
3. Touya - 73 coins
4. minho/NLTM - 67 coins
5. Jay-Z - 66 coins
6. Queen Conchita/Disruptive - 64 coins
7. Guero/Chiidish - 60 coins
8. Legend E - 57 coins
9. Anthem/Gay Rat Divorce - 55 coins
10. Sanguine - 53 coins
11. fiercE - 52 coins
12. poki - 50 coins
13. Erikills - 49 coins
14. Rence - 46 coins

other random flops we lost along the way: Shelven, Overprotected, Speezy, Hug, TayLucifer


Season 2 will be here soon, I'll probably still do it in this thread? Or should I make a new one? IDK but there will be 75 all new pokemon, so you will need to make a new card if you want to play. Using 75 instead of 91 should make the bingos come quicker/easier, so hopefully that's an improvement from this season. Thanks again to @Black Lives Matter for letting me host a bingo spin-off! And extra special thanks to PinkBox and Minho for helping me draw the pokemon art! :heart2:


Brock Pokemon GIF - Brock Pokemon HeartEyes - Discover & Share GIFs



@Hug @Anthem  @shelven @Gay Rat Divorce @minho @PinkBox @touya kinomoto @Henry @Not Like The Movies @Legend E @Jay-Zicario @Overprotected @Queen Conchita @EriKills @Black Lives Matter @PoKiTaurus @Rence @Sanguine @Chiidish @disruptive @Taylucifer @beatinglikeadrum @thecptz @Guero @fiercE


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Ahhh top 13 I kinda snapped despite the rigging against me!!


this was a cute practice season, ready for the real season :clap3:

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touya kinomoto

oh wow third overall. i wish i was braver the earlier rounds and purchased items early on.

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