Vanishing Letters ☄️ | Round 3 Entries (pg. 29)

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Apink - %%(Eung Eung) - This doesn’t do anything for me, idk it’s just a forgettable k-pop song


Sevdaliza - Darkest Hour - Very interesting, not amazing no but decent! Will probably rank in the upper half, we’ll see


Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said - Classique, would probably tank if it wasn’t for the nostalgia


Ashanti - Foolish - The piano part is bothering me but other than that it’s a cute chill bop


Hayley Williams - Dead Horse - I find the yayaya part so annoying kii but besides that I still bop to this

Zendaya - Replay - I thought she acted or whatever


Olivia O'Brien - Just A Boy - It’s a bit of a bop but idk her voice is very generic, the chorus is cute


MUNA - Pink Light - They’re pretty basic, this song didn’t change my opinion


Monica - So Gone - I like some parts of this but idk it’s very forgettable overall 


Magdalena Bay - Killshot - Winner! I really like this, they’re songs have amazing production we just have to stan


NAO - Fool To Love - Not my favorite from the album but definitely one of the highlights this round!


RAY BLK - Run Run - Very nice, great production I use!


Malou Prytz - Left & Right - It’s cute, not as gorgeous as the past 3 entries but it’ll do










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my critiques


capital letters: this is really screaming "eliminate me" and, well, yes u kinda deserve it. there's about 9045305 other songs from 2017-18 that sound like this

untouched: hmmm yes this is decent i guess

torn: absolutely legendary classic and I will say that although harry styles did not necessarily improve on this song, i did *** watching him 1D perform it

love you like that: cute. very basic choice but i enjoyed it

SOLO: well as much as I love Jennie, i prefer to pretend this noisy mess doesn't exist. the cheap production is kinda serving no words

fast car: honestly really so beautiful

experience: so good, really, no words this is just amazing even with the industry plant inserted

crush: yup this is in my basic bitch playlist entitled 'pumpkin spice latte' in which i considered many songs for this round. it's cheap but cute and i like it

cruel: kinda nice i guess but won't remember this at all

enjoy the silence: classic wow. risky send :) hope u make it. if tom vercetti is in my group he obvs sent this

put your records on: also in my PSL playlist, i find this song v cute

fake it: of all the bastille songs.. i- really i'm quite confused at this choice but it's not bad at all

feel you: just fine, nothing more but not the worst this round


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touya kinomoto
45 minutes ago, Fruity said:

i did *** watching him 1D perform it


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touya kinomoto




Hailee Steinfeld, Bloodpop - Capital Letters

• It feels so basic and for a song used in movie about sex, it feels so un-sexy.

The Veronicas - Untouched

• The way that this still bops 13 years later. :jonny: I remember our teachers back in high school looking horrified and feeling traumatized when they hear us singing the chorus.

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

• A great classic from my favorite decade. Still holds up well to this very day.

Dagny - Love You Like That

• Never Really Over, ha mother! As a KatyCat, this song has a special place in my heart. This is a great song, though I personally believe Dagny has some better choices (e.g. Fool's Gold or Ultraviolet).


• I love Ms. Kim but this really is not it.

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

• Tracy, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that some ugly ass bitches like them would even say those. Oh my god.


The disrespect towards the first black artist to be ever nominated for all four general field Grammys in one ceremony is unacceptable and anyone who says the Jonas Blue remix is much better needs to reevaluate their taste in music. I will give this my number one to save it from the tastelessness that is going on here. :hug:
Victoria Monet - Experience

• Oh wow, this bops. I like it a lot. It's a good experience. :eli:

Jennifer Paige - Crush

• Oh yes, another classic from my favorite decade. This is so groovy.

Bosco - Cruel

• I don't know what it is but this song lack something for me, makes it forgettable tbh. Too bad because it's not necessarily a bad song.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

• I love me some Depeche Mode and I appreciate the risk but I do not like this as much as the others. Still bopping to it though.

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

• Nice to see Corinne and ha classic here. Great choice with this one.

Bastille - Fake It

• I know their better songs aren't eligible (e.g.: Pompeii or Quarter Past Midnight) but this really lags behind the rest of the song in the group.

Julia Holter - Feel You

• It's an okay song. Not the best but far from the worst.




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Touch It


  group 1


eung eung

a cultural RESET. one of the best kpop songs ever... yup yup


darkest hour

her voice ummm is not it at all and I'm not rlly a fan of the song at all sorry :(


he said she said

pls it's a bit of a bop but I dont rlly care for it and I somehow have never heard this song until rn so nostalgia bias is not here for me



classic amazing song any1 who doesn't like it is a terrible person


dead horse

it's cute it's alright



classic bop it's a lil basic but still bop yes love zendaya


just a boy

a bop I love it


pink light
I rlly enjoyed this let me get into them


so gone

it's cutee



this was a bit of a bop tbh I enjoyed it


fool to love

yup yup yup great song


run run

really really like this


left & right

a cute bop


group 2


capital letters

this song sucks ass



I really like this whewww a BOPP



this was really cute!!


love you like that

cute fun bop!!



kinda aged but still a bop hmm


fast car

a snoooooze



one of the best songs of 2020 yes yes yes yes



pretty boring



it's pretty!!


enjoy the silence

I actually like this.. don't care for the vocals but the production is rlly nice


put your records on

it's cute and also boring


fake it

it's pretty good


feel you

what is this group with sending songs made for middle aged women but anyways this is pretty decent


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Touch It

sorry I didnt finish ignore me Im gonna edit it I dont feel like reposting it

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25 minutes ago, Touch It said:

sorry I didnt finish ignore me Im gonna edit it I dont feel like reposting it


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great critiques so far :smitten:

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Touch It
Just now, thecptz said:

great critiques so far :smitten:

what did u send

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