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Survivor México | Season 2 | April 2021

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Guy Next Door
6 hours ago, Chamoy said:

Kristal Silva is the only one who is really well known. She participated in the Miss Universe 2016 pageant and made it to the Top 9. I think you'll like her. She postponed her wedding to go on Survivor. :heart:



Dennis Arana is probably the second most popular. He's openly gay and moved to Mexico from Guatemala to pursue a music career. He made it to the semifinals of La Academia 2019, which is like Mexico's version of Operacion Triunfo.



Luis Sanchez aka "Sargento" has been in a bunch of different reality shows. He was in the Big Brother 2015 revival series after the show had been off the air for ten years, where he ended up finishing in 2nd place. He'll probably be the Jero of this season.



Eduardo Barquin is an up-and-coming actor who has only been in a few novelas, but has already gained quite a large online following. Most of his fans are straight girls and twink-loving gays. Couldn't find anything about his orientation, tho. 🕵️



The rest are all pretty much unknown to the general public.

I have to watch it to see who will I like. Based on first impressions, I thought I will love Duggan, but she disappointed me so much that I stopped watching.


Hopefully, they will upload the clips on Youtube again just like last season.

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The 24th contestant






Guillermo Dorantes
Age: 25 years old
Hometown: CDMX
Known For: ‘Club de Cuervos’ actor

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Here's their Instagram stats.


Kristal (@kristalsilva_) - 1.2m followers

Adianez (@adianezhzr) - 284k followers

Aranza (@aranzacarreiro) - 114k followers

Natalia (@ntzalcocerc) - 69.5k followers

Cyntia (@cyntiamasterchef) - 68k followers

Tania (@nieblati) - 49.7k followers

Brissia (@soybrissia) - 37k followers

Denisha (@denishamx) - 34.5k followers

Alejandra (@alelatosa) - 20.6k followers

Barbara (@barbara_falconii) - 18.8k followers

Daniela (@danytorresactriz) - 17.5k followers

Bella (@actrizbelladelavega) - 6,135 followers


Sargento (@sargentorap_oficial) - 1.3m followers

Eduardo (@eduardobarquin) - 462k followers

Dennis (@_dennisarana) - 370k followers

Guillermo (@memodorantes) - 126k followers

Paco (@pacopizana) - 78.1k followers

Pablo (@pablo_marti_rivera) - 73.3k followers

Carlos (@carloschicken7) - 54.9k followers

Daniel (@danicortesoficial) - 35.7k followers

Gabriel (@gabocuevasc) - 26k followers

Gary (@garycenteno) - 19.2k followers

Julio (@juliobarrazza) - 10.4k followers

Jorge (@jorgeortin.actor) - 2,668 followers


The male cast looks very underwhelming compared to Season 1.


Pablo, Daniel, Gary, Paco, Guillermo and Eduardo can stay, the rest can go.



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It's going to be two tribes of 12 like Australian Survivor. :toofunny3:



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The two tribes are Jaguar (Yellow tribe) and Halcón (Green tribe).



The new host is sports commentator Carlos 'Warrior' Guerrero.




Looks like they're filming in a different part of DR. 



Bella <33 Thirdpersonal Silva <3

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Jaguares (Yellow tribe)

Alejandra, Aranza, Cyntia, Daniela, Denisha, Kristal
Daniel, Dennis, Eduardo, Gabriel, Julio, Sargento



Halcones (Green tribe)

Adianez, Barbara, Bella, Brissia, Natalia, Tania
Carlos, Gary, Guillermo, Jorge, Pablo, Paco



This is giving U.S. opening. Maybe they finally did their homework.



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Guy Next Door

Over 20 contestants is too much. You cannot present them all in episode of 50-60 min. There will be plenty people invisible. 


And they can never be Survivor USA. I do not know if they are too lazy to edit, or do not have time because (if i understood correctly) they have not finished the game and people are seeing on TV, but the editing is BAD. Seems cheap, like something I would do, because I am not an expert in editing.


Survivor USA > South Africa > Mexico and Australia (based on edit, beautiful nature scenes and gameplay).


Season 1 people were talking for 4 hours on one thing, it becomes boring, and that talking before the challenge starts and changing members -> has to go.


Let me not start about the elimination, it is disaster. Once someone is voted out, they should leave, not fight for their place in the game. Will this still be the same?


The new host has better voice than the previous one and seems more presentable, but in the same time, looks like a bully who is against LGBTQ+/divorce/powerful women (hopefully, I am wrong).


One positive thing I could say, are the brutal challenges which the promo gave me hope they will be back this season as well.

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3 hours ago, Guy Next Door said:

And they can never be Survivor USA. I do not know if they are too lazy to edit, or do not have time because (if i understood correctly) they have not finished the game and people are seeing on TV, but the editing is BAD. Seems cheap, like something I would do, because I am not an expert in editing.


Survivor USA > South Africa > Mexico and Australia (based on edit, beautiful nature scenes and gameplay).

The show is edited in realtime. They just started filming last week. It would be so much better if they filmed the whole season in advance instead of editing everything week-by-week like B*g Br*ther US. If you think this is bad, you should watch Survivor Spain. They also film their seasons like this (Tribal Councils are usually live :rip:) and the viewers are the ones who vote the players out of the game.



They've said this season is going to be even more brutal.

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Not #1 US And WW "¿Quién Mató a Sara?" Netflix Show Star Polo Morín almost being on this season. :clownny:

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Guy Next Door
12 hours ago, Chamoy said:


Not #1 US And WW "¿Quién Mató a Sara?" Netflix Show Star Polo Morín almost being on this season. :clownny:

I do not know him, but he looks so confused. Where the hell is this filmed and why are the walls so old and with holes? I thought big companies have better buildings.


Anyway, what happened? Is his discriminated because he is gay/got out of the closet recently? That is what I understood, but I just checked in Mexico (majority) gay marriage is legal and stuff, plus they always had in telenovelas gay characters. I am really confused what is happening. Care to explain?

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Posted (edited)

First look at the premiere episode.


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Paco :allears: Please don't be an early flop like Javi.

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Has every guy from this season done some gay4pay acting, I-



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They got legend Cyntia from MasterChef on this? I might watch this, specially now that Exatlon is over 

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They're still recycling the same dumb format they use on Ex*tl*n.

Four episodes a week, Wed though Sun, and TCs at the end of the week.


Recap of Episode 1


They jump right into a challenge, except each tribe has to agree on a captain to compete in the challenge on their own. Yellow chooses Daniel as their captain, while Green goes with Pablo. The captains were able to choose another tribe member to go into the challenge with them, and they chose Sargento and Paco.




Let's just take a sec to appreciate Daniel's marooning look.


The winner of the challenge gets a special advantage called the 'Resurrection Idol' which can be used at any point in the game to cancel an elimination. It wasn't clear if the captains could also use this idol on themselves, but what kind of Cook Islands-sized rig if so. Anyway, Daniel and Sargento win the challenge and this season is already off to a terrible start. <3 Pacoblo <3 weren't fans of how aggro Sargento got during the challenge.




There was another challenge after that, but this time each tribe had to vote for whoever they thought was their weakest member. Gabriel and Bella received the most votes and had to literally be carried out of the water. Bella's tribe made it out of the water first and won extra supplies for their camp. 




They finally arrive at camp and we get some cute moments from the Green Tribe like <3 Natalia <3 playing with a tiny frog while everyone else is helping around camp, Gary being an elusive king, and Pacoblo sneaking away during the night for some quality bonding time with each other. 






The vibes on the Yellow Tribe were the exact opposite. Gabriel still hasn't gotten over the fact that he was voted the weakest in his tribe. He decides to confront everyone who voted for him, and tells them that he feels like they see him as the weakest because he's gay. 








It's time for another challenge but before they start, Paco addresses his issue with Sargento and Sargento basically tells him he shouldn't be on Survivor if he's going to be so sensitive. The challenge starts and Yellow gets ahead of Green at first, but Green manages to catch up and pull an upset win. They win a roof for their shelter.




Yellow goes back to camp defeated. They spend the rest of the day working on their shelter. Meanwhile, the OTTFun vibes continue over at the Green Tribe. <3 Guillermo <3 gives a speech about appreciating what they have because there are people back at home who have nothing. 






But how long will those good vibes last? 


Next Time On Survivor


Tensions are high between Gabriel and the Yellow tribe.






More unnecessary challenges!






I'll probably only do these recaps for the TC episodes. :skull:

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Episode 2 (Day 3)


We were introduced to Natalia in the first episode, and in this episode, we learn more about Bella and Sargento and their reasons for being on Survivor. Sargento is hoping to set a more positive example on Survivor for his recently born son. For Bella, she sees Survivor as the start of a new life after the death of her husband in January. 




At the Yellow tribe, Eduardo starts strategizing to get Gabriel out. He's tired of dealing with Gabriel's negative energy around camp. Daniel, Eduardo and Aranza talk about potentially splitting the vote to avoid any ties, which would put the rest of them in danger. 






"He's gotta go. He's like the rotten apple of the bunch." 




Today's challenge was for a chance to win fire. The castaways had to hang on to a log while suspended over water for as long as possible. The last person left would win fire for their tribe. The challenge came down to Paco versus three Yellow tribe members -- Daniel, Aranza and Julio. 






Daniel and Paco really getting into it.


Paco and Daniel lasted the longest out of everyone, but Paco ended up getting disqualified for using two arms after they were told they could only use one. He tried to claim he didn't hear the instructions, but the host immediately shut that down. At least he has Pablo.





Back at camp, Paco tries to keep it together but he's falling apart. :'(




The next challenge was TLDW, but the losing tribe (Yellow) was told that they would have to vote to exile the two people who they believed performed the worst in the challenge and cost them the win. Denisha and Sargento volunteer to go to exile and ask everyone to vote for them. They all agree to exile Denisha and Sargento except for Gabriel. He votes for Daniela and Eduardo, pointing out that Eduardo has had three opportunities to impress in the challenges and he's been really mediocre so far. Eduardo tells Gabriel that he's the last one who should be talking because HE'S the reason they don't have a roof right now. 




Daniel joins in, co-signing what Eduardo is saying, and Gabriel starts going off on him too. He tells Daniel and Eduardo that they're all talk and that he's going to make it his personal mission in this game to bring down players like them who think they're stronger than everyone else. 






"They're all f*cking hypocrites! I'm the one who's out here looking for coconuts for those little b*tches!"






The most shocking part of the episode was seeing Sargento stick up for the gay guy. Maybe I judged too soon...










Next Time On Survivor


Individual Immunity and Tribal Immunity are up for grabs.




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Watched this because my dad is lowkey hooked on this. He was a massive Exatlon fan. Anyway, Gabriel is the pits so far even Kristak who’s is her co worker and friend was mad at him for being messy. I hope he’s the first one out. 

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15 hours ago, L A N D said:

Watched this because my dad is lowkey hooked on this. He was a massive Exatlon fan. Anyway, Gabriel is the pits so far even Kristak who’s is her co worker and friend was mad at him for being messy. I hope he’s the first one out. 

I can't stand Gabriel either. On one hand, I want him to stay and continue causing fights with everyone. On the other hand, he's eating up way too much air time and I think there's enough egos on that tribe to keep things interesting. I foresee Daniel and Sargento clashing very soon.

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Episode 3 (Day 5)


At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes are told that just like in the previous season, the winner of the Individual Immunity Necklace gains individual immunity and the power to nominate a member of their tribe, but this season they'll only have the power to nominate someone if their tribe loses both Tribal Immunity Challenges. This season, the losing tribe must attend Tribal Council after each Tribal Immunity Challenge and nominate one of its members for the Extinction Duel.




The Individual Immunity Challenge consisted of swimming under a steel grate and staying under the grate until only one person remained. Yellow went first and Aranza managed to snatch the win away from Daniel. For the Green Tribe, the battle for Individual Immunity came down to Barbara and Natalia, and Barbara won.






Bella decided to sit out of the Immunity Challenge and this rubbed some of her tribe members the wrong way. They don't know what to make of Bella's odd behavior. One day she's socializing with everyone, the next she completely isolates herself from the world. #Relatable 




The Green Tribe encourages Bella to compete in the Tribal Immunity Challenge, and they all agree that Barbara should take control in the challenge after winning Individual Immunity, giving her the biggest responsibility of the challenge -- solving a puzzle at the end. The Yellow Tribe puts Daniel in charge of the puzzle, and he once again gets the win snatched away from him, sending the Yellow Tribe to Tribal Council. 










At Tribal Council, Gabriel immediately goes into victim mode. He knows everyone's voting for him, but he says he's going to feel really betrayed if he gets votes from people he considers friends outside of the show, obviously referring to his co-worker Kristal. He claims Daniel is playing favorites, this time referring to Eduardo, and boasts about lasting longer than Eduardo in the Individual Immunity Challenge. 




Alejandra decides she's heard enough, "Gabriel, I've tried being nice but enough is enough. Please stop. All you do is play the victim, while you're the one who's making our lives a living hell. You wouldn't know the first thing about being loyal."






Kristal tells Gabriel she's voting for him to his face, "You put yourself in this situation. I tried warning you, but did you listen? No. And look where you are now. Our whole tribe is against you. At this point, I have to look out for myself and that means voting for you." BvW teas :gaycat2:




Everyone votes for Gabriel except for Cyntia and Sargento. Before they leave, Gabriel begs them to vote Eduardo into Extinction with him.




Next Time On Survivor


Gabriel's on the edge... of Extinction. Who will join him?



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Episode 4 (Day 6 & 7)


Bella continues to have issues with her tribe. She thanks Pablo for his support when it seems like everyone has given up on her.




The Yellow Tribe defeats the Green Tribe by a humiliating score of 5-1 in the second Tribal Immunity Challenge.










At the Day 6 Tribal Council, the Green Tribe agrees to unanimously vote for Bella. Carlos brings up that they had previously mentioned trying to help Bella integrate herself with the tribe, but the 11 votes against her suggest otherwise. Paco interjects, saying that they tried to look out for Bella as much as they could, but if she no longer wants to put in the effort to be here, then they can't keep dragging her along either. 




Gabriel and Bella compete in the Extinction Challenge to re-enter the game and Bella shocks everyone, eliminating Gabriel on Day 7.






Just try and get rid of BELLA.




Next Time On Survivor


Eduardo unleashes his twink rage.





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OMG! I was thinking if this thread might be active. Have been watching this.


Overall, I like it more than last season so far and I can't believe the amount of drama Gabo brought in the first week :skull: I know Gabo from his work on Flor Rubio's radio show and I cannot stand him. He has very heteronormative views and is transphobic. He's straight up trash but I'll admit he made this week pretty entertaining. His strategy of coming for the strongest players out of the gate in the beginning and just blabbing it out :deadbanana:. Morgan on RPDR AS3 teas. He's a huge fan of La Isla (his own words) so idk what happened here.


I liked the elimination game too since both players had the same chance of winning it but I'd had Gabo stay over Bella just for the drama. The rest of the players seem very boring compared to him but we'll see.


Of this cast I only knew Pablo and Cyntia from Master Chef, Dennis and Denisha from La Academia, Gabo and Kristal from VLA and... I think that's it. Brisia was in La Academia also IIRC. The rest I've never seen before even if they're supposed to be famous.


I think I'm rooting from Pablo and Cyntia. I still get nightmares about Pablo's elimination on the All Stars edition of Master Chef Mx and I've always liked Cyntia's attitude. Dennis is also really nice and the only gay remaining so I'm rooting for him as well.



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8 hours ago, Klarth F said:

OMG! I was thinking if this thread might be active. Have been watching this.

I was going to tag you but I didn't want to be annoying. 


This is my ranking after Week 1:


Green Tribe
1. Paco
2. Natalia
3. Pablo
4. Barbara
5. Bella
6. Gary
7. Guillermo
8. Adianez
9. Tania
10. Brissia
11. Carlos
12. Jorge


Yellow Tribe
1. Kristal
2. Aranza
3. Eduardo
4. Daniel
5. Cyntia
6. Alejandra
7. Sargento
8. Dennis
9. Denisha
10. Julio
11. Daniela
12. Gabriel


The way I always stan the mirreyes.




Even on La Isla, I'd stan guys like Pepe.



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