AJ Tracey, Mabel - “West Ten”

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6 minutes ago, chaneloberlin said:

Damn. the replies. Let her live


Clearly whatever direction her music is heading towards the numbers are always pretty stable with a peak in the (upper part of) of Top 20 so what's the problem?


Dance? #15.

The generic pop singles? #6 and #10.

The more pop-leaning R&B songs? #8, #11 and #12.

Garage? #6 (so far.)


All she needs is the same push that Don't Call Me Up got and she's set. Y'all are doing too much. I'm sure there are new girls that are doing her former R&B sound, maybe stan them instead

The problem for me isn’t just necessarily what kind of commercial peak each sound reaches, it’s a lack of a consistent sound that holds her back from having any clear identity. How is anyone supposed to “stan” her if no one knows what kind of artist she is? 

Like I said, she’s young and rightfully exploring her artistic identity until she finds the right sound, which I have no problem with, but.. people are allowed to have their opinions and are allowed to discuss them freely on here :michael:


Some of her output will land with certain people, others won’t. I don’t see the problem with discussing both what works and doesn’t work - music is subjective after all and everyone’s always going to have a different opinion. It doesn’t detract from her talent and I’m sure she’ll be fine in the end no matter what sound she sticks with. 


Anyways, this is now veering DRASTICALLY off topic. Happy to see this song is still stable on Spotify and Apple Music :clap3:


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12 hours ago, SchmoodRing said:

Any audience can be loyal -_- it just takes proper management, promotion and solid output. If she wants be pop she should be. Y'all better not Tinashe her by trying to out her in a box. 

Her pop music is what broke her out. Mad Love and Boyfriend didn't get the same push, support or promo though like at all

She already does post "pretty pics" and has a growing social media following and presence. Y'all be assuming if these popstars aren't always serving a Kiki for y'all to meme or messy that they're boring and it's tiring. The fact that you call her a Rihanna/Ariana hybrid is compliment enough to her potential and success.

She's come along way as a performer. It just needs polishing but she’s improved immensely since she started. I think that besides Dua she's the next big thing to blow up from the UK if they play their cards right. She definitely took Zara's thunder for sure. 

What is up with their grip on not letting go of that album and era it's toxic at this point

It's definitely a lack of support because Mad Love, Bad Behavior, OK were all solid singles that just needed the same push that DCMU got


Yeah idk whats up with them not being able to let this damn era be put to rest

were u bored last night sis? jeez..


you mention tinashe and yes mabel could find herself with the same issue. tinashe went too pop and alienated her initial fanbase and when the pop material wasn't strong enough to breakthrough on pop she was left in a position that commercially she has never been able to recover from. mabel has been embraced on UK radio so far with the pop sound she has been going for since DCMU, so i don't think it's the best comparison because she is already further ahead of Tinashe ever was with a pop breakthrough, but besides DCMU I don't think the pop route has been a resounding success either.


she's had a great push for the pop singles since DCMU and has had just decent results since gaining that massive momentum. Finders Keepers, Fine Line and My Lover were all really big hits in the UK that played a lot on radio and all easily reached platinum. Boyfriend and God is a Dancer are just silver in the UK and didn't have any international success so the urban tracks were much bigger overall, even with just one local market. it is pretty obvious that the pop/dance songs were tailored for more universal success, but she also risks ending up with no noteworthy success anywhere. this is the kind of trade off she is looking at. 


since DCMU, it has been a mini dua-lipa trajectory which is great, especially as the market is tough for pop stars right now, but I have no doubt that she has the potential to get bigger and no doubt that the label also is setting their sights for more (both in the UK and of course internationally). 

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