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Coachella 2017 I


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12 minutes ago, Mariano said:

sorry ? 


Yeah I guess it's possible if The Cure smashes, but i mean the EP talk is so random.  She won't release an EP :skull:  Usually new artists release EPs. 

EPs are cheaper and Interscope ain't about that.  They are not going to waste money promoting an EP.  Gaga can literally record 3 more songs and make it a full price LP.   

Plus there was rumors that she told some superfans that she already has a whole album ready.  

But I'd like to think of this as a summer single and be surprised. 


Sorry, I thought you meant that you woke up for ATRL / Coachella. 

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9 hours ago, Velvet said:

So when should we start attacking Richie for saying there was going to be surprises



Maybe the surprise was that she skipped You and I





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1 hour ago, wesleywalrus said:

She didnt perform PI? :skull: she literally just released it as a **** you to Taylor :rip:


She actually didn't.  She said so herself.

Plus, why is everybody buthurted about her not performing PI like it's even a good song? :skull:


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I didn't watch the live stream from weekend one, I was trying to stay as spoiler free as possible. We ended up about three people deep from the barricade last night and genuinely had an amazing time. I loved the show. Looking forward to JWT this summer.

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5 minutes ago, SaintWest said:

Was the set list different between the two weeks?

It was the same except she cut Yoü and I and the 30 seconds of acoustic Bad Romance. :)


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On 15/4/2017 at 8:21 AM, HAPPI•LIL•PILL said:

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Good night my to precious fellow Monsters (or just a Gaga supporter). See you tomorrow's gonna be a good day. A reminder, set your clocks ready. Be present you all! :heart2:


Sorry if I missed some. :blush:

yas king!! thx for the tag, sorry im late lol

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