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Canada's Drag Race | Season 2 | Episode 2: Under the Big Top


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5 hours ago, PinkBox said:

You've just discredited a person's whole career and everything they did in the competition SOLELY based on where they're from.

You've made several francophobic comments, you're literally discriminating very openly. You tried to explain to the non Canadians in here how Canada works in your very biased and judgmental point of view to try to get them on your side. If you don't see anything wrong with that, then I don't know what to tell you! 

It's literally not about opinion anymore :rip:



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I would give this season overall a solid B. We had a great cast, fun mini and maxi challenges, AMAZING lipsyncs, a great finale, a phenomenal first winner in Priyanka, and Traci Melchor. I had to knock the grade down from A to B because of the judging being all over the place, especially with JBC, and the guest host format being kinda pointless. 

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5 minutes ago, argos said:

Pryianka's lip syncs were one of the most iconic moments of the season too

Oh definitely. I drove all night will be one of my favorite lipsyncs. 

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So happy Priyanka won. Its been a long time since a queen I wanted to win from episode 1 won drag race. She truly has been the most charismatic for me. 


Scarlet did so good too. After all of her struggle, she is a very deserving top 3. Im very happy with the outcome. The queens did well!!!

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