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Welcome to The TRL Archive from ATRL.  This is the only place on the Internet where you can find complete and comprehensive archives of recap, records, and other statistics for MTV’s Total Request Live, spanning the entire 10 year history of the series.

Total Request Live began on September 14, 1998, and ended on November 16, 2008.  We have the recap for all 2,247 episodes.


From the show’s premiere on September 14, 1998 until a format change after October 18, 2007, TRL kept track of miscellaneous statistics about all the videos that ever appeared on the top ten.  Complete archives of those statistics can be found here, including lists of the show’s many debuts, the number ones, and retired videos, specific artist statistics, and our record book of interesting facts.

If you'd like to learn about the history and roots of Total Request Live, we have more information about TRL for your curious mind.



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Note: Some of the links may not work. Some information may be missing. This is a temporary home for the TRL Archive while we work to get the classic site and the original TRL Archive back online.


Additionally, leading up to the failed TRL reboot in 2017, I compiled some threads to celebrate the revival:

TRL's Top Ten #1s

TRL Fun Facts, Stats and Records

TRL: Artists with Most Videos to Debut on the countdown

TRL: Artists with Most Retired Videos

TRL: Artists with Most #1 Videos

TRL Firsts


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