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Boys Love | BLammy 2021 (Pg. 1,338), Bad Buddy - Oct. 29th!


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1 minute ago, wolfaire said:

Interesting. I've been scouting Jimmoi for a while

A nice tall tree to climb on. Mmhhmm


@rp662 let us unite to keep ha away from Jimmy :biblio:

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Just now, Almighty Gaga said:

#3 the bleached whale (a travesty it made it this far)

#2 TharnType ice kiss

#1 ZachFandy locker room

Let's speak that into existence



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Mew and Gulf - Ice Kiss

TharnType - “Tharn and Type”

@ALA - 20 points

@rp662 - 20 points

”Iconic in every sense of the word. The sensuality, the chemistry, it has it all. They did THAT.”

@touya kinomoto - 15 points

”Who would’ve thought that an item as cold as ice can make one kiss very hot and steamy.”

@fais_2311 - 15 points

”Hawt hawt hawt. Although I’m a little bit paranoid when Mew transferred the ice to Gulf. Can people die from choking with an ice? Still hawt though.

@Almighty Gaga - 10 points


Couple Ranking - 2 (141 points)




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1 minute ago, Mix said:

ddddd I miss the countdown sorry sistren I overslept and my alarm was not working, I slept like a whale :deadbanana4:

Chewwie is that you?

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10 minutes ago, JonginBey said:

The actual 






Tommy and Jimmy

Why R U? - “Zon and Saifah”

@rp662 - 18 points

‘The tear, the emotion, wow what a moment.”

@Exzime. - 18 points

@4Real - 15 points

“I never watched this show and have no interest in doing so, but when this even come out, I was SHOOK, because well, there are some things we don’t see in BL kisses.”

@Almighty Gaga - 12 points

@Babymomo - 8 points


*I’m not going to post their couple ranking pic because the placement is wrong. Their ranking is 6.

Somebody send me the full link to this :jonny5:

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