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Harry Styles - "Watermelon Sugar"


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7 minutes ago, storminthedark said:

Omg HSHQ came through!! This vinyl is so pretty :duca:




Love this :jonny:

Hope they add it to the UK store as well!

Still wish it was a 12" tho

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Watermelon Sugar Instrumental is now on Spotify, itunes, Amazon and Google Play too.


It is already #109 on US itunes. The original version is #2. Coming for that #1!! :clap3:

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#2 seems guaranteed at this point but I can't believe it has a solid chance of actually going #1

I'm so so happy for him! :jonny:

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I really didn’t think he had a real shot at #1, but it seems he does. It’ll make it extra bitter if Rockstar slips past — but even #2 would be a new solo peak for him, and pretty amazing for a song that first was a promo single in 2019, then released to radio five months after the album dropped, peaking another three months later. Incredible longevity.

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37 minutes ago, Superbitch said:

How did this randomly starts jumping this much these past two weeks omg 

It’s been in the lower half of the top 10 for a few weeks now, the album bombs kept this from reaching the top 5. It would’ve been #4 last week if it weren’t for Taylor 

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the last time I checked those predictions they predicted it to reach #2 and the gap from #1 is a little bit huge:lakitu:why does it suddenly have the chance to reach #1??

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