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‘13 Reasons Why’ Most Buzzed About Show in Netflix History


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Is everyone on your social media feed talking about how amazing 13 Reasons Why is?

That’s because it’s the most buzzed about show in Netflix history.

According to leading social media research firm Fizzology, 13 Reasons Why has seen more social volume than any other Netflix original show (or streaming show for that matter, since Amazon has yet to reach Netflix-like numbers) in its first week post premiere.


The new series has caught the attention of almost everyone under 25 with a Netflix password (there’s or their roommates/parents). From executive producer Selena Gomez based on Jay Asher’s 2007 bestseller, 13 Reasons is an emotionally roller coaster that has viewers discussing its depiction of issues like rape, bullying and suicide.






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Marla Singer

You can't take any list that has Chasing Cameron 2nd and House of Cards 2nd last too seriously. It's purely a measure of the buzz the shows got on social media, specifically in the first week.


Having said that, 13 Reasons was great and deserves the attention it is getting.



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9 minutes ago, BYoncé said:

Between Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The OA

Thanks I kept looking and didn't see it anywhere :deadbanana3:

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Trash, Chasing Cameron second? That flop?? It just means buzz, not technically how many people are watching it...

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