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[GAMEPLAY] Designer Mafia, starts April 29th, 10pm CET


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Okay thanks for everyone who send in roles :gaycat4: We will today prepare everything and send the roles out
When the roles are send out you will get more info regarding the game


15 hours ago, Nurr said:

sorry unsign me i won't be able to play :( 

aw to bad but thanks for letting us now 

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Okay all roles have been sent out and the game will begin in about 22 hours.
(Hopefully ATRL stops flopping by then else we might have to postpone the game).
Which player got what role was decided by RNG. And what kind of roles are in the game won't get revealed.

We may have changed smth about the abilitys of the roles you submitted and added or removed parts of it, in some cases might even changed the alignment.
In any case you should never mention what kind of roles you created.

Please all check your role PMs and ask if smth isn't clear.
We are currently in Night 0, so all Roles who can use abilitys starting from Night 0 can use their actions already.
Don't talk in the thread anymore before the game starts, please.

See ya all later and looking forward to the mess :gaycat5:

@Chiidish @fiercE @disruptive @Touch It @Queen Conchita @Fruity @Rence @Dessy @Auburn @Live To Tell @Diarrhoea @touya kinomoto @Not Like The Movies @Rotunda @luckystrike @A Public Affair


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Also some additonal infos:
There is no "no lynch" in this game, you can only vote for a player. If town decides to not lynch anyone during the day, evils will get 2 kills at night.
If the lynch tally ends in a tie, rng will choose which player dies.

And Players will be always notified about being roleblocked.


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Just now, luckystrike said:

hate these ****ed up servers but I’m here



ye if the servers ain't getting better prob have to postpone this, cause for a fastpaced ww kinda it's rip

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6 minutes ago, luckystrike said:

hate these ****ed up servers but I’m here





6 minutes ago, Dessy said:

Yo I guess

Yes Jaboukie, Yes italian talent :clap3:


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