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Diversity 3 | ANNOUNCEMENT PG. 77

Posh Spice

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2 minutes ago, luckystrike said:

these judges slow as hell, diversity 2 judges would have critiques up already chile

Right, these judges MUST be new to this!

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Not Like The Movies

My song fits the theme perfectly 

It's a feel good song reminding people that we are going to Be Alright during this entire pandemic and not to worry while being an absolute BOP! 

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33 minutes ago, kipperskipper said:

fine ass and furbie sending in their best song round 1

I don't exactly expect to make the finale sis, gotta use it while I still can :toofunny2:

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Ariana Grande - Be Alright

A bop that makes me feel good, yes 100%, you did that, she did that. 


Avril Lavigne - Smile

I don't condone the date rape casually mentioned in the lyrics, but this is a cute bop, I like the chorus alot. 


Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

A very happy bop, good choice, I stan Carly so I won't be biased against her :heart2:


Christina Aguilera - Let There Be Love

I actually stan this song, it is such a BOP, one of Christina's best bops of her career tbh. 


Ciara - 1, 2, Step

Another song I love :jonny: in my top 3 Ciara songs, strong start for the C-squad :praise: 


Doja Cat - Go To Town

This is a cute fun bop, is she trying to sound like the Siamese cats from Lady & the Tramp in the chorus? :deadbanana2:


Fiona Apple - Hot Knife

Fiona always has this kind of dark aura for me, but this is a good choice for her as a "bop" and butter makes me feel good so :clap3:


Glee Cast - Anything Could Happen

This is cute, if I didn't see "Glee Cast" as the artist I would assume it is Kidz Bop though. I heard this made Ellie herself weep.


Halsey - Roman Holiday

:grimes: love this song, it fits the theme really well for me


Janet Jackson - Runaway

This spiritual heavenly goodness, I ascend while listening, I feel zen (while bopping)


Katharine McPhee - Open Toes

A bop, yes, "the boys like dem open toes" is this a song for someone with a foot fetish? :deadbanana2: Interesting choice of both song and artist.  


Kelly Clarkson - Nostalgic

Hmm I like this song, it kind of feels good, it kind of bops, it's a little sad at the same time though, "we will never be the same, even though we lost it.." 


Kiana Ledé – Mad At Me.

A bop :riri: I love the Outkast sample :praise: So fresh n so clean


Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes

Kylie has SO many songs that would fit this theme, this is a cute choice but not the best you could have sent (for my taste anyway) but it's still Kylie and still a bop.


Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

"feel good" and "bop" don't really mix with Lana too much (for me) but this is a good choice, one of my faves from her


Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Sick and Tired 

Hmm this is kind of bop-ish I guess? Does it make me personally feel good? Not really. MGK kind of makes me feel dirty tbh.


Madonna - Holiday

A FEEL GOOD classic BOP :clap3: this song has always made me happy, most of 80s Madonna is feel good to me


Mans Zelmerlow – We Can Be The Rulers

Uhh Mans is hot, I feel good about his hotness. This song is kind of a bland bop I guess? 


Miguel – Sky Walker

This song has a feel good vibe to it, I was bopping


Namie Amuro – Golden Touch

Never heard of this person but this was cute, it has feel good vibes and it bops.


Phineas & Ferb Cast - Busted 

A classique BOP :theflavour: what a fun artist choice too, the taste, the talent


Red Velvet - Zoo 

Love the beat/production/animal noises, I've never heard this before and I love it tbh 


Rina Sawayama - Cherry

Whew Rina serves pure talent, this is a feel good bop to me just because it's Rina :praise: 


Robyn – Do It Again

A bop yes, what exactly is "it", is this about sex? I am celibate. This isn't one of my faves from Robyn tbh.


Rosalia - Millionaria

****ing money man, sounds a little aggressive, it's kind of boppy though?


RuPaul – Sissy That Walk

The best runway song did that! :rubeaver: 


Sia - Cheap Thrills

I love Sia bops and cheap thrills, most of my thrills are cheap, I'm not a rich bitch


The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

BEP are almost exclusively feel good bops, so you couldn't really go wrong here :clap3:


The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming

Another feel good vibes song :heart2: I enjoy these types of songs, its chill, issa bop


Tinashe - Hopscotch

Miss Tinashe delivered a bop, underrated queen 


Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough

This is in my top 100 favorite songs of all time, it's a bop, it's a classic, I love it and her deep manly vocals, iconic


Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Another classic and also one of my favorite songs of all time, it has always been a go to feel good song for me  :alexz:





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Ariana Grande – Be Alright


Oh yes. Maybe the best option next to NTLTC (which I'm sure you're saving for later in the competition). This song is pretty much what I need to hear right about now: it'll all be alright in the end.


Avril Lavigne - Smile

This is so compressed we-. The $5 mixing job RUINS the chorus. Um. It's kinda on theme? The dude she's into is making her smile while they're in quarantine.


Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

I've never been a big fan of this song. It's always been annoying to me. Fits the theme, though.



Christina Aguilera – Let There Be Love

This song is generic and terrible. Her vocals are so shouty on that chorus. And not you starting with a Lotus track I'm-. The BRAVERY.


Ciara – 1, 2 Step

Bop. Yup.


Doja Cat – Go to Town

Hated this last season in VL, and I hate it now. It's a bop though so it fits the theme.


Fiona Apple – Hot Knife

Might still be Fiona's best song. I'm not sure how much of a bop it is, though. It does make you wanna get up and DO something, though. So it's kinda uplifting in that way. It's a very motivating song imo.


Glee Cast – Everything Could Happen

You're really gonna make me critique the Glee cast week to week? Y'all hate me.


Halsey – Roman Holiday

Pretty generic. But I do like the theme: let's get up and go out.


Janet Jackson – Runaway

This is exactly like the Halsey song for me, thematically, but this is not generic. Another song about getting up and going out! I love it.


Katharine McPhee – Open Toes

Alright this was funny for a while, but let's let this be the last time we mention this song in the game section.


Kelly Clarkson – Nostalgia

Generic bop.


Kiana Ledé – Mad At Me.

Alright discount Summer Walker/H.E.R./SZA/Justine Skye/Sabrina Claudio. I like the So Fresh, So Clean sample. That was cool.


Kylie Minogue – In Your Eyes

YES. One of my favorites from the round for sure.


Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Girl.. why this? Doin' Time, High by the Beach, and even Radio were all right there. It's not carefree and fun at all.


Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Sick and Tired

Is it that fun or w.e.? No.


Madonna – Holiday

Y'all love this crusty ass song. It's perfect for the round, but it's not one of my favorite Madonna songs.


Mans Zelmerlow – We Can Be The Rulers

This is so faceless. Anyone could've done this.


Miguel – Sky Walker




Namie Amuro – Golden Touch




Phineas & Ferb Cast - Busted



Red Velvet - Zoo



Rina Sawayama – Cherry




Robyn – Do It Again

Bop. I liked this album back in the day.


Rosalia - Millionaria

HATED this song. I'm so sorry.


Rupaul – Sissy That Walk

Pretty much perfect. We all wanna sissy that WALK out the house.


Sia - Cheap Thrills

This song has always been dreadful. I guess it fits the theme, though.


The Black Eyed Peas – Let's Get It Started

I still like this chorus somehow :rip:


The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming






Tinashe – Hopscotch

Did y'all just copy and paste your VL and Diversity entries wtf


Toni Braxton – He Wasn't Man Enough

****ING hymn. PERIOD.


Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Kill me, but I hate this song :rip:. It fits the theme though.





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