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Diversity 3 | ANNOUNCEMENT PG. 77


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worldwide angel
1 minute ago, worldwide angel said:

always wanted to do this and now i have time


can i sign up with rina :mandown: 

nvm is rosalia available?

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16 minutes ago, boys said:

of the worst choice award

I thought you were never playing this ****ed up game ever again, what happened 

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1. thecptz - Doja Cat

2. Auburn - Janet Jackson

3. Shelven - Phineas & Ferb Cast

4. Touch It - Rina Sawayama

5. Hikari - Tinashe

6. fiercE - Mans Zelmerlow

7. Rence - Glee Cast

8. luckystrike - Kylie Minogue 

9. Psycho - Madonna

10. Not Like The Movies - Ariana Grande

11. Diarrhoea - Red Velvet

12. K$Ellie - Halsey

13. bestfiction - Namie Amuro

14. Fruity - Whitney Houston

15. Moonlightbae - Christina Aguilera

16. Noah - Lana Del Rey

17. Legend E - Kelly Clarkson

18. Invisibility - Robyn

19. Overprotected - Mitski

20. PinkBox - RuPaul

21. Sempiternal - Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

22. Guero - Ciara

23. Chinese Kitty - Kiana Ledé

24. icy - Miguel

25. worldwide angel - Rosalia

26. Navyofbadgals - Katharine McPhee

27. Mr. Duff - Avril Lavigne

28. EriKills - The Black Eyed Peas

29. Boys - Brandy 
30. KevinDG - Tove Lo

31. touya kinomoto - Carly Rae Jepsen

32. kipperskipper - The Weeknd

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4 minutes ago, PinkBox said:

I thought you were never playing this ****ed up game ever again, what happened 

i need to sign up for some games before they kick me from the discord

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In this... Traumatizing time, I guess is the phrase I'll use, we're confined and for the most part, miserable. So because I'm sick of feeling miserable and like I am dying from boredom, the challenge of this round for all of you is simple and sweet. Send in a song that you think is a big ol' BOP and that you think makes the listener feel good. It's simple and not depressing, so I like it.


There is absolutely no restriction on what you might send so long as you think it's something that makes the listener feel good and bops. This goes without saying, but it can be a single or an album track or even a collaboration with them as a credited artist.


Judges will be scoring and critiquing you based on how well they think the song relates to the theme, and their own personal taste. 


Make sure you PM your entries to me here on ATRL. Discord can choke, it's much easier to organize on ATRL when you continuously use the same PM thread for the whole game. 


Entries will be due at April 23 5:00 AM EDT. (yes, i stay up that late, kii)


So good luck x


NOTE: Sign - Ups are now CLOSED, thank you all for signing up xx



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6 minutes ago, shelven said:

Ugh now I need to decide if I should send THAT song or if I should save it for later.


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