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Mariah Carey


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Don't Stop Me Now
6 hours ago, jdmc219 said:


I'll see about the first one...


And wait your turn. Janet had him first. Lol

Mariah is not the go to person for collabs with these hot younger artists. It won’t happen. Not counting Ariana as she idolizes MC - plus it was a X-Mas tune. 

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2 hours ago, Daydream said:

This teaser was EVERYTHING. Before #Beautiful was released I would play this nonstop while we waited.



Ahhhh such a great time to be a lamb.

It was one of the best teasers

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23 hours ago, Don't Stop Me Now said:

Debut is perfection - I’ve even learned how to appreciate You Need Me.:clap3:The most stellar debut since Madonna. 

Tea. Alone in Love is an underrated gem. :jonny2:

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MIAM could have been better if it was split into two separate albums.

The Art of Letting Go (the good album)
01. #Beautiful (ft. Miguel)

02. Faded

03. The Art of Letting Go

04. Camouflage

05. Dedicated (ft. Nas)

06. Make It Look Good

07. Mesmerized

08. #Beautiful (Remix) (ft. Miguel & Jeezy)

09. One More Try

10. Cry.


M.C.E.O. (the less-than-good album)

01. Meteorite

02. Triumphant (Get ‘Em) (ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill)

03. Money ($ * / ...) (ft. Fabolous)

04. Thirsty

05. You Don’t Know What (ft. Wale)

06. Supernatural

07. You’re Mine

08. Almost Home

09. Save The Day (with Ms. Lauryn Hill)

10. Heavenly

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I haven't heard Maneater by Nelly Furtado in yearrrrrrs, but I just listened to it and I realised that Timbaland re-used the "whatcha say girl?" element from that song in 8th Grade. :eek:


You can hear it at 03:00




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10 minutes ago, jdmc219 said:

I'll accept it.



1. Butterfly

2. Daydream

3. Screami

4. Debut

5. Music Box

6. Raincloud

7. emotions


i haven’t listened to the others

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