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Selena Gomez - 'Rare'


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Yall see that? Now she's really trying. I love it.


ahhhh we are finally winning. I can't believe. The music is good, the mv have a storyline and look expensive  af. 

She's serving. 



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33 minutes ago, selenachris said:

I guess the album will get a boost tomorrow since it is when people know albums are released and it will also get more banners and stuff + the video.


What I am really praying for is radio adds. LYTLM managed to go #1 ‘without’ radio but it still helped a bit and Boyfriend won’t perform as well as LYTLM. 

i just want top 10 maybe it can go higher once radio builds up during summer but yeah top 10 would be fantastic and top 20 would still be great

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daily updates on 1/10/2020 on Kworb

15 rare

20, 58 lose you to love me

41 vulnerable

52 cut you off

64 crowded room

77 dance again

89 ring

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Is so weird. She is doing more for Boyfriend than she did for the whole rare era lmao.
Anyways, well hello let's celebrate that. :fan:


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5 minutes ago, aquababy said:

“She” is #11 on US iTunes, so close to having three simultaneous top 10s :jonny::jonny:

+ the album is back to #1 on WW iTunes 




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On 4/4/2020 at 1:13 PM, hardbrit said:

I’m trying to remember a recent interview where she didn’t talk about mental health or her not being ok. She talks as if she has had INTENSE media scrutiny like Britney or Taylor. 

You just DID not put Taylor next to britney when it come INTENSE media scrutiny :dies: it's insulting 


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"Souvenir" >> "Boyfriend" >>>> "She"


I hope "Boyfriend" is a hit, it's off to a good start.



In terms of the new track list, I think it flows pretty well. However, "A Sweeter Place" is the only acceptable closer either way; if it and "Feel Me" where swapped, it would be perfect. 


It also would make sense as a story, she wants them to feel her after having some fun on "Ring" and realizes those same people became complete strangers after thinking she knew them on "People You Know", the following track.



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Ugh she is doing great :gaycat5:


This just show that GP is  here for her. The only reason why the Rare out burned out is because she refused to promote. And let's be real the second single shouldn't have been Rare.

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