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Selena Gomez - 'Rare'


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10 minutes ago, SelHemsworth said:

any other american waiting until tomorrow to buy like me :gaycat3:

I'm in Venezuela but I have American Apple Music and Itunes. Will it count for the hot 100 still? i've been doing it like that for years and just assumed it would.

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9 minutes ago, Eluchi said:

kanye song is also a sample


9 minutes ago, selenachris said:

It doesn’t sample Fade. It samples Mr. Fingers

ah, thanks for the info!


dope song, now i gotta check out Mr. Fingers haha

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19 minutes ago, aquababy said:

oh wow I was not expecting the tracks to do this well, I was expecting souvenir and she to chart in the 90s/80s :clap3:

imagine if they will all enter the Top 10 :jonny:

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Boyfriend can be her second #1 on Billboard Hot 100 , come on !!!!!


I'm glad that she's releasing the MV tonight!


Oh wow , Souvenir is amazing too!!!!


She is the weakest in my opinion

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I wonder how she’ll do on Apple Music, she still hasn’t debuted in the US yet so it must be high but I’m not expecting anything too high yet 

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twenty one pilots just snatched #1 on itunes with the song a vid released almost 3 hours ago. i know itunes means nothing but :toofunny3:

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I guess the album will get a boost tomorrow since it is when people know albums are released and it will also get more banners and stuff + the video.


What I am really praying for is radio adds. LYTLM managed to go #1 ‘without’ radio but it still helped a bit and Boyfriend won’t perform as well as LYTLM. 

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18 minutes ago, Fetish for MiMi said:

The tracks did not even perform THIS good when the standard edition was released :skull: 

selena and her team were smart to release this during quarantine 

people are more online than EVER, almost no one can do promo, and selena social media impact is huge

so she would easily be succesfull 


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Ok but can we just appreciate

We all know Rare was the wrong second single choice and we all were getting bored of this era, but within a single week she came and served:

- a new arguably better album cover :jonny:

- 3 new songs :jonny:

- a new tracklist :jonny:

- a new single :jonny:

- a (what appears to be) high-budget music video that has a storyline and concept relating to the song :jonny:


It almost feels like this is an entirely new album and I feel hyped again. She really said: revival


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