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Fifth Harmony


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Living for this thread being active outta nowhere. It shows they really established a following and became the staple girl band of their generation. A christmas album would've been AMAZIG. I was forever pressed that pop stans reduced their vocal harmonies when they had some amazing performances like the BBC and Spotify covers, their Billboard performances and their christmas songs they had it but the industry didn't want them to shine. 

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14 hours ago, Khamis said:

And how do we know the GP was here for it? I didn’t follow charts back then to know any better.


It was consistently in the 40s on iTunes (and iTunes wasn't dead then yet nnn) and in the 30s on US Spotify. I agree it was a messy song lyrically for radio to jump on, but there was definitely some natural buzz for the song.

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God, how I would love a fourth album from them in 6-10yrs. from now. If they were to ever do another album, I'd just want the four girls back. No disrespect to Camila but I always found her voice / direction to be too Pop compared to the other girls. Fifth Harmony is still my favorite album from them (still so easy to play through) & it was the first for me where they sounded like a true unit / group - they just scratched the surface of their potential as a group with that sound / feel.

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