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WandaVision | Season 1 streaming on Disney+


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10 hours ago, ainadalkaz said:

or not :dies: 



The only reason I see this being delayed is that falcon and the winter soldier needs to come first to maintain the timeline. This has finished reshoots and is being edited remotely

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Pure Adrenaline

Yikes the only marvel Disney+ show I was excited


Of course they will shove us the hawkbore show now that everyone is eager for content and delay the most anticipated one .... I seeu Kevin you God of mischief

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I honestly wouldn't mind if they delayed this until late 2021 only because of the fact that this is supposed to tie in directly into DS2 and that movie isn't coming out until 2022... but I think they will want to release it asap because people will cancel their subscriptions (if they haven't already) if they don't release new material soon lol

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1 hour ago, Diesel said:

Or yes Maybe lmao



at this point let's just wait for Feige to say something :rip:

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The most anticipated released this year. I wished they didn't kill Pietro's character too soon. :monkey:

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9 hours ago, Broken said:

I love the official poster :weeps:.




Probably one of the best posters so far across the MCU :jonny:


I'm just happy they didn't do they 'all the cast stacked on top of each other nonsense' :rip:

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