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WandaVision | Season 1 streaming on Disney+


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12 hours ago, ainadalkaz said:

already sounds like the best MCU project 



ofc if even half of it ends up being true :dies:

OOOFT, I listened to the first 3 minutes and had to stop. I couldn’t handle it holy ****. Want to still be surprised. This 100% is the best MCU project. I’m so EXCITED :spin:

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Mr. Blue_Shirt

I am so exited about this :jonny5:


I hope those theories about Wanda is going to crete X-men in this series is true though  

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7 hours ago, Hooligan said:

I would much prefer a movie but excited nonetheless.  Scarlet Witch is that bish!

TV series in this case is much better, the plot seems complicated and they have 6 hours to explore it instead of 2, so I don't mind at all

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In a screenshot of a gallery, two actors — who look an awful lot like Kathryn Hahn and Elizabeth Olsen — appear in 17th century-looking garb.

In a few of the photos, Kathyrn Hahn is making a certain motion with her hands, not unlike what Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) does when he's casting spells or runes. Judging by the clothing the cast seems to be wearing, it'd appear this scene would play off the Salem Witch Trials.



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Thank GOD. I really don't care about Black Widow. And then since we don't really know anything and won't get a first look UNTIL May when Black Widow premieres of The Eternals, I really have no interest right now. 

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