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Sofia Reyes - R.I.P. (feat. Rita Ora & Anitta)

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There's something off about Sofia Reyes and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's because she has beautiful eyes, but looks dead inside. 

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12 hours ago, Selegend said:

Annoyed by how Sofia sings 80% of the song 

why having 2 talented others singers with u if you’re going to sing 80% of the song and going to appear alone on the MV 70% of the time 

u cant even recognize Rita Ora voice 

what a mess, it had so much pottential 


It should have been

rita 40seconds in english 

anitta 40 seconds in portugueses/spanish 

sofia 40 seconds in spanish + the chorus 

MV: all of 3 appearing solo on the solo parts and together on the chorus (even If Sofia sings it alone)


But Rita and Anitta sings like 10 seconds of the song (and not even 10 straight seconds)

a mess. a mess.

ITS HER SONG. Period. And it’s a feature not a duet. Tf? Anywyas 


whew they all served. Girls by Rita wish it was liek this. Y’all been sleeping one Sofia I posted about her here in like 2015 with her first songs. She’s been serving bops for years

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