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Can we stop treating black college students like frauds?

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2 hours ago, firecrotch said:

If you got into a top school without cheating you are one of the  very few of lots of deserving people. If someone thinks they aren't welcome because of what they perceive to be oppression, thats their own problem. College  campuses are the most affirming, liberal thinking places in all of the United States. Especially the top schools. No way are black people getting the message at Yale or Berkley that they dont belong. NEXT!

You sound ignorantAF.

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On 3/14/2019 at 11:19 AM, shookspeare said:

while it is true that blacks generally receive admission with lower test scores it's funny that people aren't mad about legacy admissions, which is arguably more prevalent and gives even more of an advantage in many cases


just do away with the SAT/ACT tbh they are not reliable indicators of intelligence

I agree. I was recently reading how an eugenicist invented the SAT, which is very telling. It was designed to be an "objective" test to prove mental superiority. The test is rooted in white supremacy, disguised as meritocracy. 

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