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Everyone saying Monsters LOL


How are they delusional? Gaga's hype is deserved. 


Meanwhile Britney stans will defend her lipsyncing and disastrous performances. 

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Genie in a Bottle

Selena Gomez stans. They honestly think she’s a good singer and deserves her music career. The Olivia Jade of the music industry lmao 

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9 hours ago, C0SMIC said:

Oh please, your fave has a good voice but no authenticity, proves my point she’s middle field, this is the same woman that prerecorded a national anthem performance like girl it’s not that hard :skull: it’s all subjective anyways I prefer Gaga’s voice & gaga’s acclaim for HER work prove it, Beyoncé & her writer camps remain shook! Byee 

As Beyonce demonstrated numerous times throughout her career, singing the national anthem is a walk in the park to her. Prerecording because you didn't have time to rehearse with the band is the professional thing to do. Taking attention away from someone else's moment with a terrible performance is in line with Gaga's work ethic though, you're right, I can see why your expectations are rock bottom.


We should scrutines Gaga's writing claims, I think. If she's taking credit for another person's songs, like she did with Diane Warren, what else has she been lying about? According to Linda Perry:



“Why did Gaga get credit? Maybe because Diane wanted to ensure her support in promoting the song. Gaga is a very smart business women she knew a song written by Diane Warren would be up for an Oscar. And you know it's hard getting music out there and heard. I have Diane's original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed ‘Till you're at the end, the end of your rope. Originally was ’TIL YOU GOT A HOLE RIPPED IN YOUR SOUL.’ So I guess technically one line was changed so sure Gaga possibly ‘rewrote’ a line but chances are Diane still took part in rewriting that line which means Gaga contributed a few words. Is that writing? Not in my book.”


Meanwhile, everyone who works with Beyonce talks about what a creative force she is.





She's been writing hits since she was a teenager, so none of this is brand new.


My fave is consistently delivering exquisite, acclaimed vocal performances at this stage in her career, meanwhile your fave is doing...this






The struggle vocals :jonny:

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