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BLAZING's Comprehensive Guide to Buying Physical K-Pop Albums



YesAsia *only buy from here if you're spending $39+*

- They have free shipping when you spend $39, but album prices are quite inflated to compensate for this.

- You receive 5% cashback on CDs that you purchase if you go to the website through QUIDCO, so if you spent $100 on albums then you would get $5 back - making them effectively cost $95.

- Very reliable shipping and if anything goes wrong their customer service is amazing. If an item gets lost or damaged, they'll send another one out free of charge.

- Free shipping can take up to 30 days, depending on where you are.

- Album sales count towards HANTEO/GAON charts.


KTOWN4U *if you're only buying one album, usually best to buy from here*

- They have the lowest album prices and cheapest shipping 90% of the time.

- Very reliable shipping. I've ordered about 50 albums from them and have never had an issue.

- Unlike most stores, they don't charge you extra for folded posters and you can even add $0 posters to your order, though it may increase shipping costs by a few cents.

- If you buy two of of an album, they usually send one of each version if there's multiple.

- Album sales count towards HANTEO/GAON charts.


MWAVE STORE *only buy from here if you want signed albums*

- Pretty much solely exists for the purpose of selling legitimate signed albums.

- When you pre-order a signed album you're usually entered into a prize-draw to win other limited edition/unique/rare things like Polaroids and MWAVE will host an online/live Meet & Greet which you can only watch if you buy the album.

- Sometimes the album is randomly signed by 1 member of the group or signed by all of them. Popular groups with a lot of albums to sign will usually have one member signature, but unpopular groups will have signatures of all the members. 

- Albums might be delayed a lot if the group if busy and doesn't have time to sign all of them close to the comeback date.




- They have competitive album prices, but shipping can often be expensive.

- If you dig enough, you might be able to find some rare albums on their website which are out of stock everywhere else on the internet.

- Unfortunately the 'search' function of their website is broken, so if you want to find an album you have to go to the artist's page by clicking the sub-categories under K-Pop on the left side of the page.

- When you buy something from them, they send you a photo of it before it ships out, like this.

- Album sales count towards HANTEO/GAON charts.



- Free shipping if you spend $69 with under 3kg in weight.

- Unlike most stores, they don't charge you extra for folded posters.

- Once they forgot to ship all my albums, but you can easily get a refund through a PayPal claim if you're not satisfied.

- If you buy two of an album, write a 'note' in the order asking them to send one of each version/poster and they'll usually do it.

- Album sales count towards HANTEO/GAON charts.



- Reasonable shipping and album prices - but I've never encountered an album where it was the cheapest of all the stores.

- They don't do album pre-orders, so if you want something as soon as it's out then buy from somewhere else.

- They don't have posters with albums.

- Album sales count towards HANTEO/GAON charts.



- You can check your countries' Amazon or eBay website to also buy albums, but it's rarely the best option.

- Check the reputation of the seller to make sure that they're legitimate.

- DO NOT BUY SIGNED ALBUMS ON EBAY OR AMAZON, unless you have proof that the signatures are real. 

- Make sure you check the description of the item to make sure that it counts towards Hanteo/GAON charts

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