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💿 Welcome 💿

Hey y'all! First of all, thanks for visiting my Best of 2018 :party: Last year I hid the 2017 thread (:skull:) because I got lazy and I also started with my lists too late.

Anyway 2018 in music... I feel... like it wasn't the best year (for my taste in music). With the exception of great albums and songs that were released on 2018, this was the year where I felt the necessity of discover new music, and I think it was because I wasn't satisfied with the music that was released this year :matty:

But also it could be worse.... There are some great bops and sad songs that were released on 2018 (that's why you need to check my lists :thing:).

These are the categories:

💿 Best Songs of 2018 💿

A list of 130 songs that were released this year. I didn't include songs that were released originally on 2017 but were released as a singles this year (with the exception of 2-5 songs that are part from an album released this year).


💿 Best Albums of 2018 💿

A list of 15 albums that were released this year. This was so hard to do... It originally was a Top 10 albums with honorable mentions but I decided to do a Top 15 (the problem is that I couldn't even rank 15 albums that I really love this year). So I was generous with the albums at the bottom of the list :foxaylove2:


💿 Artist, Song and Album of the Year 💿

An artist, a song and an album that had a huge impact on me this year.


💿 Discoveries of 2018 💿

A list of my favorite 42 songs that I discovered this year.


💿 Re-discovered bops 💿

Okay, this list is so random but it's basically a list of 26 songs that I already knew but really start to like this year!

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130- David Guetta - Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne-Marie)

129- Meghan Trainor - Can't Dance

128- ZAYN - Good Years

127- Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)

126- SAARA - Sangria

125- Olly Murs - Somebody New

124- ZAYN - Natural

123- TINI - Never Ready

122- LSD - Genius

121- Mariah Carey - With You

120- Sia - I'm Still Here

119- ZAYN - Satisfaction

118- Rita Ora, Liam Payne - For You

117- Selena Gomez - Back To You

116- Mariah Carey - A No No

115- ZAYN - If I Got You

114- Camila Cabello - Into It

113- Kiiara - I Don't Wanna Be Friends

112- Meghan Trainor - No Excuses

111- Sabrina Carpenter - Mona Lisa

110- Alessia Cara - Not Today

109- Janine - Numb

108- Jessie J - Easy On Me

107- TINI - Respirar

106- ZAYN - There You Are

105- Ariana Grande - Breathin

104- Imagine Dragons - Boomerang

103- Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus)

102- ZAYN  - Scripted

101- Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over

100- Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

99- Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey - The Middle

98- Zhavia - Deep Down

97- Panic! At The Disco - Old Fashioned

96- SVRCINA - Dragonflies

95- Carrie Underwood - Drinking Alone

94- Camila Cabello - She Loves Control

93- Christina Aguilera - Like I Do (feat. GoldLink)

92- Jeremy Zucker - Better Off (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

91- ZAYN - Insomnia

90- Nicki Minaj - Come See About Me

89- Tori Kelly - Masterpiece (feat. Lecrae)

88- Bebe Rexha - Don't Get Any Closer

87- Lauren Jauregui - Expectations

86- Ariana Grande - Everytime

85- Sabrina Carpenter - Sue Me

84- Camila Cabello - In the Dark

83- Anne-Marie - 2002

82- Lauren Daigle - You Say

81- Little Mix - Woman's World

80- Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar

79- Janine - Said It All

78- Little Mix - Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)

77- Hailee Steinfeld - Back to Life

76- Sabina Ddumba - Small World

75- Ariana Grande - Get Well Soon

74- Nina Nesbitt - Loyal To Me

73- Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars

72- Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again

71- Bebe Rexha - Ferrari

70- Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Diggin' My Grave

69- Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right

68- Christina Aguilera - Unless It's With You

67- Little Mix - Forget You Not

66- Janine - Be By Myself

65- Bebe Rexha - 2 Sould on Fire (feat. Quavo)

64- Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes

63- Little Mix - Motivate

62- ZAYN - Common

61- Bebe Rexha - I'm a Mess

60- Tori Kelly - Questions

59- Christina Aguilera - Sick Of Sittin'

58- LSD - Audio

57- Kiiara - Messy

56- Mariah Carey - Giving Me Life (feat. Slick Rick, Blood Orange)

55- Nova Miller - Turn Up The Fire

54- Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

53- Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry

52- Little Mix - Notice

51- Bebe Rexha - Steady (feat. Tory Lanez)

50- Mariah Carey - The Distance (feat. Ty Dollar $ign)

49- Janine - Never The Right Time

48- Kiiara - How Can You Love Me

47- Panic! At The Disco - King Of The Clouds

46- Christina Aguilera - Pipe (feat. XNDA)

45- Phantoms - Lay With Me (feat. Vanessa Hudgens)

44- Camila Cabello - All These Years

43- Christina Grimmie - Little Girl

42- Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (feat. Demi Lovato)

41- Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz - Right Now

40- Little Mix - More Than Words (feat. Kamille)

39- Sabrina Carpenter - Hold Tight (feat. UHMMEER)

38- Carrie Underwood - Spinning Bottles

37- Clean Bandit - Solo (feat. Demi Lovato)

36- Mariah Carey - Portrait

35- Little Mix - Love a Girl Right

34- Bebe Rexha - Shining Star

33- Charlie Puth - The Way I Am

32- Ariana Grande - God is a woman

31- Little Mix - The Cure

30- Christina Aguilera - Liberation

29- Camila Cabello - Something's Gotta Give

28- Janine - Unstable

27- Dua Lipa - Want To

26- Utada Hikaru - Don't Think Twice

25- Panic! At The Disco - Roaring 20s

24- Marshmello - FRIENDS (feat. Anne-Marie)

23- Sabrina Carpenter - Bad Time

22- Bebe Rexha - Self Control

21- Marshmello - Happier (feat. Bastille)

20- Bebe Rexha - Mine

19- Little Mix - Think About Us

18- Charlie Puth - Done for Me (feat. Kehlani)

17- Panic! At The Disco - Dancing's Not A Crime

16- Anne-Marie - Then

15- Little Mix - Strip (feat. Sharaya J)

14- SVRCINA - Who Are You

13- Bebe Rexha - Knees

12- Christina Aguilera - Twice

11- Hidden Citizens - Too Far Gone (feat. SVRCINA)

10- Christina Aguilera - Searching for Maria | Maria

9- Zhavia - Say Something

8- Bebe Rexha - Pillow

7- Zhavia - Candlelight

6- Demi Lovato - Sober

5- LIZ LOKRE - Stop Runnin'

4- Christina Aguilera - Deserve

3- Kelly Clarkson - Never Enough

2- Bebe Rexha - Sad

1- Stephen Rezza - Artemis


Honorable Mentions:

Ariana Grande - Goodnight n Go
Riley Clemmons - I'll Stay
JoJo - Anything (2018)
ZAYN - Sour Diesel
Carrie Underwood - The Champion (feat. Ludacris)

Kelly Clarkson - American Woman
Riley Clemmons - Drop Everything
Little Mix - Monster In Me
Katy Perry - Immortal Flame
Justin Timberlake - Higher Higher





15- Ariana Grande - Sweetener

14- Tori Kelly - Hiding Place

13- Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty

12- ZAYN - Icarus Fall

11- Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

10- Speak Your Mind - Anne-Marie

9- Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act. I

8- Mariah Carey - Caution

7- Camila Cabello - Camila

6- Janine - 99

5- Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked

4- Little Mix - LM5 (Deluxe Edition)


2- Christina Aguilera - Liberation

1- Bebe Rexha - Expectations


Honorable Mention:

JoJo - The High Road (2018)





-Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life
-Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe Edition)
-Katy Perry - Witness (Deluxe Edition)
-Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom (Deluxe Edition)
-Taylor Swift - Reputation
-Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault: Pt. 1 (EP)
-Kesha - Rainbow
-The Script - Freedom Child
-Dua Lipa (Deluxe Edition)
-Niall Horan - Flicker
-P!nk - Beautiful Trauma
-Lorde - Melodrama
-Paramore - After Laughter
-Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life
-Anastacia - Evolution
-Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault: Pt. 2 (EP)
-Loreen - Ride
-Marina Kaye - Explicit
-Kehlani - SweetSexySavage
-Fergie - Double Dutchess
-Emeli Sandé - Kingdom Coming (EP)
-Linkin Park - One More Light
-Miley Cyrus - Younger Now
-Ruth B. - Safe Haven
-Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony
-Lea Michele - Places
-Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues (Deluxe Edition)
-Imagine Dragons - Evolve
-Rachel Platten - Waves









Christina Grimmie




Christina Grimmie - Invisible




Christina Grimmie - All Is Vanity







15- Get Yourself Together

14- King of Thieves

13- Shrug

12- Think Of You

11- Cliche

10- Echo

9- I Only Miss You When I Breathe

8- Find Me

7- Liar Liar

6- Maybe I

5- Unforgivable

4- I Bet You Don't Curse God

3- Deception

2- The Game

1- Sublime






42- Sabina Ddumba - Time

41- JONES - Tomorrow Is New

40- Nicki Minaj - The Crying Game (feat. Jessie Ware)

39- India.Arie - Ready For Love

38- Fifth Harmony - Gonna Get Better

37- Delta Goodrem - Control

36- Nicki Minaj - Grand Piano

35- Ruth B. - World War 3

34- Frou Frou - The Dumbing Down Of Love

33- Molly Sandén - Phoenix

32- Zella Day - High

31- Charice - Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)

30- Emma Hewitt - State That I'm In

29- Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It

28- Violet Skies - Eyes

27- SVRCINA - Sweeter Place

26- Ruth B. - First Time

25- Cierra Ramirez - Vanity (feat. Dylan Holland)

24- Fifth Harmony - No Way

23- Sabina Ddumba - Homeward Bound

22- Astrid S - Hurts So Good

21- The Erised - Let Me Be

20- SVRCINA - No Matter What They Say

19- Violet Skies - When The Love Runs Out

18- Kat Dahlia - Walk On Water

17- Louisa - Best Behaviour

16- Whisell - Pain of Love

15- Sabina Ddumba - Not Too Young

14- Tara Carosielli - Blood on My Shoes

13- Ashley Tisdale - Be Good To Me

12- Kat Dahlia - Gangsta

11- VÉRITÉ - When You're Gone

10- Violet Skies - Burn

9- Kat Dahlia - Mirror

8- SVRCINA - Burning Heart

7- Alicia Keys - Butterflyz (The Drumline Mix)

6- SVRCINA - Island

5- Christine Noel - Dreams

4- SVRCINA - Astronomical

3- Janine - Dark Mind

2- Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

1- Janine - Hold Me





26- Zara Larsson - Funeral

25- Anne-Marie - Ciao Adios

24- Fergie - Life Goes On

23- P!nk - Respect

22- Kelly Clarkson - Hello

21- ZAYN - BoRdErSz

20- Hilary Duff - My Kind

19- Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break

18- Imagine Dragons - Start Over

17- Sia - Footprints

16- Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite

15- Kehlani - Undercover

14- JoJo - Anything

13- Emeli Sandé - Higher (feat. Giggs)

12- Sia - Free the Animal

11- Zendaya - Scared

10- Emeli Sandé - Kingdom Coming (feat. Wretch 32)

9- JoJo - I Can Only (feat. Alessia Cara)

8- P!nk - Stupid Girls

7- Paramore - Let the Flames Begin

6- Ashlee Simpson - Better Off

5- P!nk - Runaway

4- Aly & AJ - Like Whoa

3- Paramore - Misery Business

2- Demi Lovato - Wildfire

1- Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music


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David Guetta - Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne-Marie)


Cute song! I like to hear it with headphones :jamming:





 Meghan Trainor - Can't Dance


When this song was released I loved it, but 'Let You Be Right' ended up winning :cm:





ZAYN - Good Years


The song is so new, it needs to grow on me a bit, but at least made my list :clap3:





Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men)


I love the vibe of this song. It sounds like a song from the '90s (which is probably the intention).

It's a bit boring sometimes but I like to hear it once in a while and the lyrics are cute!






SAARA - Sangria


A bop :katie2: It could have better lyrics tho :duck:

Still a bop, and I love the instrumental of the song :heart2:

I post the music video since it's probably unknown for most of y'all:



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6 hours ago, Prisoner said:

thats such a nice op. how do y'all make these so good :chick3:

Thank you so much :heart2:

It's wasn't a hard to do, the only thing that took me a bit of time was trying to find photos that I liked to put in the OP!

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4 hours ago, MusicLoverDude said:

Don't Leave Me Alone :clap3:


Hope you check my C/D out too!

I'm checking it and you're already serving taste :clap3:


4 hours ago, prézli said:

Great layout, but Idg why Christina Grimmie is the biggest one in it. :michael:

She probably is part of the next categories :keir:


1 hour ago, oceans said:

i haven't listen to charlie's album, is it good?

If you liked his singles, give it a try. It's better than his debut (that's for sure).

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Olly Murs - Somebody New


I listened to Olly's lastest album 'You Know I Know', and I didn't like it so much (he doesn't bring something new to the table)...

But this song is a bop (and the only song I liked from the album)!!

The instrumental reminds me of a song from HSM (in a good way :gaycat4:)





ZAYN - Natural


Another song of ZAYN! Tbh most of the songs I liked from his album are on the bottom of my list (they need to grow on me).

Cute bop!





TINI - Never Ready


I loved her debut album despite of being a bit generic.

In her 2nd album she goes more for the latin trend with most of her album in Spanish with a few songs in English.

This is one of my favorites songs on her album! :katie2:






LSD - Genius


Great song for being their debut single.

I never imagined that Sia, Labrinth and Diplo would make bops together :clap3:





Mariah Carey - With You


Cute song! :heart2:

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Genius is such a great song. :smitten: 

Glad that Let You Be Right ends up as the rightful winner. :eli: 

I love "If You Leave Me Now," it hits me hard that current artists don't sing like that anymore. :jonny:



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fisdjfidsf not you hiding your 2017 thread :rip:

#130-126: CAN'T DANCE is cute but yeah, LYBR deservedly won! Haven't listened to Good Years but I'm gonna check out Icarus Falls soon. I've surprisingly been hearing good things but I'm not really excited since half of the pre-release tracks were weak. | #125-121: Same thing for Natural :keir: Genius didn't do anything for me, but they got my attention with Thunderclouds.

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15 hours ago, prézli said:

Gurl. Zayn's album came out today. :skull:

14 hours ago, Temporal said:

not Zayn already charting :bibliahh:

nnnn I know, but I was waiting for his album to drop so I can finish my list :dies:


15 hours ago, lhdang2000 said:

Glad that Let You Be Right ends up as the rightful winner. :eli: 



10 hours ago, Remmy said:

Haven't listened to Good Years but I'm gonna check out Icarus Falls soon. I've surprisingly been hearing good things but I'm not really excited since half of the pre-release tracks were weak.

I agree. Whe pre-release tracks are my least favorites. In my opinion the album is a bit messy but it has great songs :gaycat4:

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Sia - I'm Still Here


This is a typical Sia song. It's cute and I love her voice on this song :smitten: (especially the high notes at the end).

Maybe it's a bit repetitive but it's catchy!





ZAYN - Satisfaction


Another song of ZAYN... But what you expect.. his album has 27 songs... don't judge me :deadbanana:




As I said with the previous ones, I like this song but it needs to grow on me because it's sooo new ... (don't judge me)





Liam Payne, Rita Ora - For You


Cute song to start the year! Their voices work well together and the instrumental sounds great :clap3:





Selena Gomez - Back To You


I didn't like this song at first, but I've been replaying it the last days and it's a cute bop :gaycat2:





Mariah Carey - A No No


This song it's so Mariah, I love it and it's so funny!


These are my favorite lyrics of the song:


Parlez-vous français? I said non
Lemme translate it, I said no
I can say it en español
(No no no no)
Portuguese for you não
Japanese for you (iie)




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