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A Star Is Born (2018) ⭐ 8 Oscar Nominations

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Just came back from watching Encore. Is it just me or did they add like 20 tinnitus scenes to this :skull:


(Also, when I was leaving the theater, the first thing I heard on the radio was a commercial saying to call a lawyer if you got tinnitus or hearing loss from something :lmao:)


They were playing it in a TINY theater in the back of the building but it was probably 75% full. Probably the most people I've seen the movie with. People were literally BAWLING at the end, like not even just sniffling but full-on wailing.


The sound quality was really good, partially due to the theater and speaker system, but I think they remixed Shallow which sounded horrible in the original movie. You can actually hear Jack and Ally in it now and it's not muffled by the music.

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