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Stand Your Ground v2.0


Stand Your Ground is the home of controlled arguments related to artists and celebrities. The current Stand Your Ground, v2.0, emerged out of the original Stand Your Ground, with more defined and specific rules for members to follow. This is a safe space for stans, otherwise known as people who will stop at nothing to defend their favorite artists, to defend their favourites artists and bash everyone else's.


If you want to fight out an argument about celebs, artists, music, charts/sales, and related topics, you must take it here. The argument must be about pop culture. Personal fights are not permitted on ATRL. In this thread you will not be warned for flamebait or trolling. All other ATRL rules still apply.



Stand Your Ground Rules


– Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. For instance: 

  1. Calling another user a rude name, such as an "idiot" or "dumbass" will be warned and punished. 
  2. Calling another fan base a rude nickname, such as "little sh**sters" or "" will be warned and punished. 


– Do not post anything insensitive, offensive or disturbing. 

  1. Making fun or light of of a popular figure's disease. For instance, making jokes related to Lady Gaga's fibromyalgia or Britney Spears' mental health. 
  2. Making fun or light of the death of a popular figure. For instance, making jokes related to Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson's deaths. 
  3. Any form of discrimination, hate-speech, or insensitive comment based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic of a human being. For instance, making racist remarks toward Beyonce or transphobic remarks toward Laverne Cox. 


– Do not mangle the name of a popular figure that would obviously violate the rule stated above.


 You may, however, use a positive nickname related to a popular figure (in fact, we encourage it in Stand Your Ground!), as well as non-offensive negative Nicknames. 
 Do not post anything graphic or explicit. 
– Do not talk about things unrelated to pop culture.
– Do not spam.



What makes Stand Your Ground v2.0 different from the rest of the board


Here, you will not be warned for Trolling or Flamebait. This does not mean you can post whatever you want. You will not be warned for fighting with, or fishing for an argument with, other members as long as they are about issues that are related to pop culture.




Here we explore examples of posts that are warnable vs. not warnable on ATRL. Examples of posts that would be warned on ATRL, but not in Stand Your Ground v2.0:


"Gaga is a Fad. Fadga has not had a #1 hit since 2011. She remains an absolute joke."


"Katy could shave her head and look better than she does that dusty mop on her head passing as hair. What a sad turn of events as she actually used to look okay. She doesn't even make good or successful music anymore, so why does she still stay here is my question? :mandown:"


"Xtinct literally SCREAMS into the microphone, My parrot that has influenza in the throat and was trained to mimic joke American Idol contestants singing literally sings better. Sad!"



Consequences for Rule-breaking in Stand Your Ground v2.0


Any violation of these guidelines will result in the following punishments applied to your account:


First offense:

3-month ban from Stand Your Ground v2.0

Permanent warning points


Second offense: 

Permanent ban from Stand Your Ground v2.0

Permanent warning points

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Stream Head Above Water



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Ratmila is RACIST and OVER.


List of flops in her first era alone (despite payola):

Crying in the Club

I Have Questions

OMG (feat. Quavo)

Never Be The Same (feat. Kane Brown)

Real Friends

Real Friends (feat. Swae Lee)

Sangria Wine (feat. Pharrell)

Beautiful Remix (with Bazzi)

Havana (Live)


Cosequences (Orchestra)



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Impactnet Jackson is a LEGEND and I invite you all to deal




Also stream Made For Now Feat. Daddy Yankee



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3 minutes ago, ATRL Feedback said:

Insert non-inclusive list of banned Nicknames here

A mess.


So is N*z* on the list or...?

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Reminder that Adolfnika is a pedophile supporter.


Related image


Reminder that Conkga will be winning no Oscars for "A Payola Is Born."




Reminder that Gaga was also laughed at by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Image result for gif atrl vin fassbender


Reminder that Kesha ended Dr. Rape's career.


Image result for gif atrl talk vin


Reminder that Katy Perry is a coward who never supported Kesha in public.


Related image


Reminder that Justin Bieber made a video about lynching Black people.




Reminder that Justin Timberlake is married, with children, in his 40's and still talking about Britney Spears.


Image result for gif atrl talk vin


Fads include:

Frank Ocean, Lorde, Kris Wu, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Tinashe, Future, Migos, Adele, Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Sam Smith, Loreen, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, Fifth Harmony, Post Malone, Zara Larrson, Nick Jonas, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lawrence.





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