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Like, La Leyenda (New Rebelde)

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4 hours ago, Mellark said:

It was rescheduled at 5;30PM in Mexico apparently because of 'programming changes' but we all know it's BS. Here in the U.S. it was scheduled at 7pm and then 2 days later Univision moved it to 1pm and now it's on Univision NOW with new episodes added weekly. They're demographic is at school at the time. Also, MMTMF is more successful than Like and MMTMF is targeting the family/teen demographic while Like is only targeting teens. It could've been better if they actually elaborated on the issues. This is why Skam was successful. Julie Andem did her research for a year on what teens are going through and wanted to make it authentic. MMTMF was successful because of the Aristemo storyline because they're introducing the perspectives on how the LGBTQ+ relationships is portrayed across families. We have seen the good part of it and it wasn't seen as stereotypical. We also have seen the prejudicial part and it is common in most families because certain LGBTQ+ youth might have members who don't agree with their ideologies. Like failed to do that. Regina & Manuela's storyline was a fraud and Regina argued that it was a phase. Pablo's seemed common but not up to the momentum as Aristemo. I'm currently watching both but I'm gonna skim through Like La Leyenda it most likely because tomorrow's finale will be about Keiko. 


Pedro can keep trying because this is a mess. The music isn't even out and I don't think this show is even getting another season. 


They rescheduled it because it didn't meet with their rating "expectations" (LRDG was still making much more than Like :skull:). I mean, Damián thought he was making RBD 2.0 with reggaeton and even brought an "international" cast, that speaks a lot about it. On the other hand, Aristemo is highly successful because all of the social media presence, daily trending topics, and the fandom: literally they control the storyline and the writers/producer/actors ask the fans what they should do next, as if they were making a live fanfiction. Of course, what you're pointing is the reason why the fandom supports the story, and they have in mind that this is a way to fight against homophobia, plus they've made a surprisingly good job about it. But the fact that Aristemo is getting a musical/tour (:skull:) and a spin-off series, is a hard slap on Damián's face because Like was exactly supposed to do that, and yet it was shortened, rescheduled, and from what I've read, the second season is officially dead.


I didn't follow Like, but what you're writing about Regina/Manuela's storyline is actually disgusting, and from what I've read as well they censored their kiss scene. How are you supposed to cater to teens (specially Gen-Zs who are much more liberal) yet censor it? :skull:


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