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Avril Lavigne - 'Head Above Water'

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46 minutes ago, tfelipe said:

Have we read the same article?

She only said that because the interviewer was trying to link Tell Me It's Over to Chad Kroeger.

Avril said the song is about a toxic relationship and this reporter asked if it was about the relationship with Chad. 


Pure gossip. If I were Avril I'd stop her right there too.

This! :clap3:


People acting like Avril was rude/abrupt for no reason. It was so obvious from the article that Avril wasn't happy about the evasive/gossip-digging questions she was asking, yet she continued to pursue them. The reporter seemed unprofessional and unprepared, and her behavior on Twitter after the interview was released is a testament to that. 

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I have a flight the day of the album release, so I think this'll be my first flight where I'm not watching the TV! I'll grab that air wifi so she gets the streaming points as I have HAW on repeat!

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