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Platinum Hit 12.5 - Round Three: Writing is Inspired

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B A C K - T O - B A S I C S

(thanks to @ceremonials for creating the banner!)



Welcome to the 12.5 season of ATRL's most notorious songwriting competition, Platinum Hit.
Each week, contestants are giving a prompts or general instructions to follow, and the rest?
That's up to the contestants to decide.



What makes a season 12.5? Why not 13?

In a half season, there are a few differences to a normal season. For starters, the season is

shorter than a regular season, taking approximately half the time. This half season will

consist of six rounds, with each lasting around five days to write and two to judge, making

seven days in total. Ideally, the game will last a month and a half.


Another difference half seasons have is a no elimination policy. Unless we catch you

plagiarizing other writers, or you get banned in the middle of the season, you can not

be eliminated, regardless of the quality of your submissions. For keen observers, you'll

note that non-submission isn't listed, which is another difference this season has. You are

allowed to choose what challenges you submit for, and which ones you "pass" on.



If there's no eliminations and people choose when

they want to submit, how is a winner decided?

Winners in half seasons are determined by taking the aggregate scores of every round and

finding the average score between them. Every round that someone chooses to not submit

an entry for results in a score of zero for the round; you will want to send for every round to

have the best chance at winning! (If that is what you want, of course!)


What does "back to basics" mean exactly?

For this season, I wanted to take a very simple approach to everything. There won't be any

gimmicks or surprises. This game, at its core, is about writing, and I want all the focus to

be on writing. This game was also, once upon a time, known for the community following

it, so I want to put the sense of community back into the game.

"Who are the judges!!!"

As I stated earlier, there will be no gimmicks or surprises in this season, so I present to you...













Now, what does that make me, the lovely host?


Well, besides actually doing host duties, I will be looking to interact more with contestants,

and one of the ways I plan to do so is by being a mentor!


Yes, the mentor system, that once failed in a previous season, is back with a

vengeance. I know there are people who play, but don't spent much time on ATRL, so they

haven't had the chance to make many friends, and they may not trust random people to

send their songs to.


This is where a mentor comes in! As a mentor, I can give a full, honest opinion of anything you

send me, and do so in an unbiased manner as I'm neither a contestant nor judge. 



Now, keeping up with the trend of no surprises, I will also be revealing the first challenge!


Writing is...Personal

"Self-reflection is something many songwriters do when they want to express themselves

to their audience and maybe even learn more about themselves. It can be hard to expose

yourself to the world, yet at the same time, it can be a highly therapeutic experience.

Write about yourself...it can be about anything. Your experiences, your desires, your hopes,

your state of mind...so long as it’s about you."


When you're ready to submit your entry, PM me (@Hug)

The deadline for this challenge is Friday, October 5th, 12:00 PM EST


Notes about this challenge:

- Don't share anything you're not ready to.

- You can take inspiration from you life and interpret it in a fictional way.

- You can take inspiration from multiple parts of your life.

- I'd advise against taking this challenge as an opportunity to interpret your favorite song

or other art form. There will be a challenge for that.


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Since the challenge is instantly posted I guess I can already plan.


I'm going to do an interactive story this season and I hope that you guys can participate with my entries. It's just a choice between 2 options at the end of my entries, one good and one bad. Depending on what options get chosen each round, there'll be a good or bad ending! 

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2 minutes ago, Bawdee said:

oh wow, we're BACK

Of course. The most iconic game on ATRL wasn't gonna go away like that.



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Yas, I’m so excited to make my judging debut finally! Sign up everyone!!!!!!!! :party: 


Even if you don’t submit for a round, you can still submit a song in the next round if you change your mind. And you don’t even get eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jonny:

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I'm, very shamelessly, stealing this list from the PH12 thread. Apologies in advance if you didn't want to be tagged, but this is the only time I'm going to be tagging people who haven't posted in the thread.


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Oh, and um...idk what I was on last night, but you don't really need to sign up. :rip: I'm gonna remove that from the OP. Just send a song if you want to, don't if not!

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