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ATRL's Hunt or Hide | WINNER: Loyalty & RandomName

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Queen Conchita




@Loyalty @Prismee @Lukey @RandomName @Dibbles


Final five ... welcome to the semi final!



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Keeping it very simple, there are five sections of the woods to hide in this round and each section of the woods only has enough space for one player in each.


You must send me a PM with a ranking of the woods you would most like to be hidden in and least like.


For Example:






It's first come first served and you will not know which section of the woods you managed to hide in until the results :eli: 


You may be wondering who the hunters will be? ... Your ex players! They will hunt 3 sections of the woods and whoever they find will be killed leaving the final two to make it to the last round.



• You have 24 hours to hunt or hide •

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Queen Conchita


@Loyalty @Lukey @Prismee @RandomName @Dibbles


Lets start off with your hiding positions. Lukey, Dibbles, Loyalty & Prismee all got their first choice leaving RandomName with the only section left.


1 - Lukey

2 - RandomName

3 - Loyalty

4 - Prismee

5 - Dibbles





Alena, Thecptz & Clytemnestra chose to hunt ...




Alena chose to hunt section 4 killing Prismee. Thecptz chose to hunt section 1 killing Lukey and last but not least Clytemnestra chose to hunt section 5 killing Dibbles.


Congratulations Loyalty and RandomName you are the final two and the champions of Hunt or Hide :clap3:


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On 11/12/2018 at 3:27 AM, Lukey said:


sorry for killing you

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