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Nicki loses her **** over #2: Complete meltdown


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2 hours ago, 6_INCH_HEELS said:

TBH, there's no way to know how that conversation played out. We have Nicki's more than likely drugged up side of the story, but can it be trusted? I maybe Fake News. Travis could have been like "yeah, whatever" and let the dial tone hit. :lmao: 


I still can't believe she's blaming Stormi.

Yeah I’m guessing he was just like...it’s not worth fighting with her over this, and just kinda let her say what she wanted, then hung up :rip: 

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38 minutes ago, truthteller said:

what a time to be aliveçåçæå°çµæ



The most iconic thing about it is this album is lead by Future and Drake. Probably the nearest people around Nicki.

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Lights and Waves

I'd be lying if I said that I'm not upset Nicki's meltdown has finally out-done our iconic ARTPOP HDD thread from back in the day



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A complete catastrophe, so pathetic Ms Maraj......sis was doing quite fine not long ago like #Queen was receiving some good warm reception and then one day I wake up to do this akjsjfajsfasj 

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2 hours ago, Alejandro_ said:

Her tweets are so cringey. Like sis, I enjoy the album and I'm not a Barb. Just take the L and move on. Longevity is key anyway. She could easily go #1 in the right week if she has a plan. She made herself a fool.

EXACTLY! This emphasis on the first week needs to go away.


So many albums have done very well without going to #1. 


And many #1 albums have fallen out after a strong debut. 

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1 hour ago, psychodj said:

The fact that all if this is happening because she didn't get a number one...:deadbanana4:

The fact she was #2 and did 185k. I’d kill for my fave to have that next era, and instead she’s making herself look like a fool. :deadbanana:

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