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FINAL: Travis 223k; Nicki 190k


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2 minutes ago, iHype. said:

I don't think the bundle sales are included, they can't be. :rip:


And Travis is blocking her.



still, mediocre numbers and yes no #1

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Geez, who would have thought that a rap artist would be doing this poorly in the age of a popularity peak for rap music in general?


Just goes to show, there's only room in the market for one female rapper. Cardi B's been killing it with both success and quality. Nicki... hasn't really got either going for her at the moment. She has some good album tracks, but they're not singles, so they can't represent Queen to the general public, and the singles we -have- gotten are all lukewarm.

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2 minutes ago, Glynnefluence said:

Travis might still be #1 if its a 60% decline :jonny:


He's gonna decline more than that. He had a bundle deal first week as well. 

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4 minutes ago, fridayteenage said:


WITH sps

in the age where rap streaming is taking over


3 minutes ago, 45seconds said:

18 tracks? 

No competition?

Merch Bundle?

Tour Bundle? 

Less than 200k? 

Queen of Rap? 




2 minutes ago, Mattyboy said:

This can’t be right.. :cries: WHAT?!


1 minute ago, Mattyboy said:

Why didn’t she release physicals this week.. But something seems off. Maybe they they aren’t counting the bundles?


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Over 100K less than Invasion of Privacy with tour bundles :ahh: So much for the "Queen".

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Lmao why are y'all saying this is without the bundles :toofunny3:

I remember Katy did like 190k and Halsey around 100k WITH bundels and it's not like Nicki tour is doing better.

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