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Big Brother 13: War! Winner REVEAL!

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Over the past 48 hours, the 9 members of the jury have deliberated their vote on who truly deserves to win at the very end of the game. The nine members of the jury, who will ultimately decide the winner of Big Brother 13 are: @Guero@Unspooky@GlamourCadaver@DripDripDied@Alena@Scene.@Tsareena@Hug@rl231








Our first vote goes to........




























































































rl231- Aciid







































Second vote goes to........


















































Scene.- Rhisiart






































Third vote goes to.......














































































Alena- Aciid


























Fourth vote goes to.......
























































Guero- Rhisiart


















Fifth vote goes to...........

































Unspooky- Rhisiart
























Sixth vote goes to...











































Chanel- Rhisiart

Tsareena- Rhisiart



🎊 With a vote of 5-2, Congratulations, Rhisiart! You are the winner of Big Brother 13!  🎊







@DripDripDied @Guero@kipperskipper@Scene.@Witch Privilege@iHype.@tigerlily13@GlamourCadaver@Nacht@Kylie Jenner@Tsareena@PoKiTaurus@wesleywalrus@Loyalty
@Fa1x intelectual@Jonathan@URBAN@Alena@rooby.booby@Rhisiart@rl231@Hug@Aciid@Unoriginal@thecptz@Queen Conchita

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I'm honestly shocked. I really didn't think the expose would have this big of an effect. I do think I was deserving to be here and presented a good case, but I had thought it'd be close with Aciid winning overall. It's weird because it does feel good to win, but I guess while the results make sense with the circumstances, it does make me feel sad and guilty overall. It's bittersweet.


I only played to help give my friend @Buddy! entertainment and participation. I didn't think I'd enjoy another social game after Survivor, let alone get into it and have fun and start excelling. I'm proud of what I managed to accomplish throughout the game, and I can't believe I finally have a Games win under my belt! So thank you Buddy for getting me to play and being a great host! :clap3:


Thank you to those that voted for me for whatever reason, I appreciate it. It was great getting to play with all of you.   @Unspooky @Guero @Scene. And @Alena & @rl231 too!


Thank you to my girls for letting me into the group, I had fun playing with all of you and I'm enjoying getting to know all of you better. Y'all my bitches. :hug: @GlamourCadaver @DripDripDied @Tsareena @Hug


@Aciid I'm so unbelievably happy to have made it to the end with you. I had the best time playing Survivor with you, and the fact that after that whole Armageddon mess, we decided to stick together and help each other claw our way to the top of another game, it's just so satisfying. You played an amazing game, I'm so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. I'm sorry it ended like this, you deserve better. I'm so glad to have you as a friend, I hope you know that. Te amo. :date2: :heart2:

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