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61st Annual Grammy Awards | February 10, 2019


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4 minutes ago, Wes said:

Bradley winning a Grammy before an Oscar tho :dies:

When you put it like that :sadviolin:

Here I thought Bradley winning a Grammy before some of these girls was the real gag of the night :dies:

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This was such a good and eventful night. I'm really happy to see Gaga, Ariana, Cardi, Dua, H.E.R. and Kacey taking it home for women this year, I felt like every win was very deserved also.

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Queen Cardi won her first Grammy YASSSS  :weeps: 


Great for Dua winning BNA and Kacey AOTY


A shame that Janelle went empty handed again but sadly they didn't give her any nominations in the R&B field so she didn't have any chance. H.E.R probably had more votes than Dirty Computer.

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One thing I really liked about these Grammys is that a lot of artists were awarded instead of one or two people just sweeping everything. Diversity :clap3:



Deserved wins:

Kacey sweeping the country categories :clap3:

Greta Van Fleet getting Best Rock Album :clap3:

Shallow winning Pop Duo and Song for Visual Media :clap3:

Cardi winning Best Rap Album :clap3:

Brandi, Lauren, Ella and overall all the girl power :clap3:


OK wins and congrats but there were better nominees in the categories:

This Is America for ROTY and SOTY

Kacey getting AOTY over Dirty Computer

Ariana getting PVA over Kelly


Unexpected wins but congrats nevertheless

Dua's wins

Dan + Shay


WTF wins



Why did they had to go empty-handed :weeps:

Janelle - really, Janelle, out of all people, doesn't have a single Grammy? :biblio: (Kacey definitely deserves the AOTY but Janelle deserved it a bit more) :noparty:

Kelly :noparty:

SZA :noparty:



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2 hours ago, Bindi said:

The Grammys almost gave the gays everything they wanted this year. I’m so shocked. :jonny5:

Kacey, Gaga, Dua, Cardi, Ari :jonny6:

Grammys getting it rigth FOR ONCE. ATRL won.... :jonny5:



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Ok so while we're all here, a question:


Golden Hour's win goes to:

Ian Fitchuk, Kacey Musgraves & Daniel Tashian, producers; Craig Alvin & Shawn Everett, engineers/mixers; Ian Fitchuk, Kacey Musgraves & Daniel Tashian, songwriters; Greg Calbi & Steve Fallone, mastering engineers


according to the Grammy website. Is there a specific % threshold to get onto the credits or is "lyrics" and "melody" split; where only ones gets credit (like ROTY I suppose - it's just music, not lyrics right?) Luke Laird and Shane McAnally did Space Cowboy with her and there were other songwriters too. So what's the reason they didn't get the credit for the album? 

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Anyone know where we can watch all of the performances in full? Already tried Billboard and other sites but they either don't have any actual video links to the performances or I get hit with some "Sorry, this videos is not authorized in your location" bs message :'(

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10 hours ago, Fitzswiftie said:

And Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, John Legend, Maroon 5, Sade, Mariah Carey, all just a bunch of flops like Dua

I wouldn't call Maroon 5 flop, EGOT winner John Legend also would disagre

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well, I was sleeping and then working and JUST finished watching...



this is america  :katie:


I liked most of the performances but tbh, Brandi kinda snatched my wig

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I gave a speech in 2010 about how The Grammy's are tragic and just seems to be getting worse. "Havana" opening the night is a joke. Like that song could have been recorded in 2016 and was released mid-2017. What was that music playing in the middle of the speeches? Talk about antiquated and rude. I liked Cardi B and Dua Lipa winning those awards. Their speeches were fun.


Off topic, but I cannot stand people who lack basic manners. I was completely distracted during Cardi B's speech because her Migos was chewing gum the whole time. Like, you are at a bougie event. Spit that crap out.

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