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callouts: Olivia and Ariana smashing


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On 12/8/2018 at 2:16 AM, ClashAndBurn said:

That's so sad, I thought it was supposed to be a massive comeback for her, or something. Oh well!

You probably think the globe is divided into two: the US and non-US. Oh well!

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6 hours ago, IBeMe said:

Definitely feel you on that. It's probably my only issue with her music now . I love the raw vocals when it suits the song like with Joanne and what not but sometimes I feel like there is more potential for some of her songs to be even more pleasant if she used a smoother vocal delivery. Especially with her pop songs...like The Cure's verses are nice but then the chorus is just jarring cuz it's so nasally and almost whinny. It's also the same issue I have with songs like Why Did You Do That...it's just too much all together. 

Well to be fair Gaga's vocals are really powerful so a soft delivery may actually be harder for her to control. Kinda like Demi. She has a really powerful, thick and huge vocals that sometimes when she sings softer (like in Body Say), sometimes I feel like she's having a harder time than when she sings big. This applies to Christina as well.


And I think these artists are better with huge raw vocals than softer deliveries. Leave it to vocally limited artists.

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Net Positive (12/14)

  1. (=) Eastside 55.2 (2nd week at #1)
  2. (+1) Without Me 52.7
  3. (+2) Lie 51.7
  4. (-2) Love Lies 50.4
  5. (-1) High Hopes 49.4
  6. (+1) Better Now 46.8
  7. (-1) Happier 46.1
  8. (+1) breathin 44.5
  9. (-1) God Is A Woman 43.4
  10. (=) Youngblood 41.9 
  11. (NE) Sunflower 40.2 (NE)
  12. (+2) Beautiful 39.2 
  13. (-2) broken 38.6
  14. (+1) Shallow 38.0
  15. (+1) Lost In Japan 35.3
  16. (NE) Electricity 20.6 (NE)
  17. (NE) Taki Taki 18.6 (NE)

Taki Taki 18.6 :deadbanana: worse than any song since May at least. 


Love Lies out of the top3 after 25 weeks :jonny5:


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On 12/10/2018 at 1:02 PM, love100 said:

What are Call out?

Callout scores - A term that refers to radio listeners' reception of a song. To obtain these scores, respondents (radio listeners) are contacted randomly by phone and asked to share their opinion of different songs. Online surveys (at RateTheMusic, which make no impact on the overall Mediabase callout scores and are unrelated) are also conducted. The surveys ask if you are familiar with a song, like it (or love it), and if you are tired of it.

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On 12/15/2018 at 11:06 PM, MingYouToo said:

Halsey has the perfect pop radio voice tbh


Its like a darker Katy Perry whew 

I like Halsey but I feel she has replaced my gurl Katy :'( hopefully if Katy ever comes back they both can coexist on Pop radio.

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Taki Taki was obviously going to get bad callouts, shouldn't be a surprise.

I am kinda surprised about Electricity though... (US bad taste, it's better than almost any song in the current top 10)

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On 12/16/2018 at 2:01 AM, Ger-55 said:



It's Halsey's reign on Pop radio. :alexz: 


38 minutes ago, R!ck said:

I like Halsey but I feel she has replaced my gurl Katy :'( hopefully if Katy ever comes back they both can coexist on Pop radio.

The new trendy Katy.


Katy shouldve gone to her sound tbh for KP4 

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Take out Ozuna from Taki Taki and it would be getting better callouts! Cardi's and Selena's parts are awesome but Ozuna is very annoying

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On 12/9/2018 at 11:05 PM, IBeMe said:

I noticed that the more "smooth" a song sounds the better it does on Pop callouts. This is part of the reason why most of Gaga's songs have been doing poorly on pop radio callouts because her tone isn't the smoothest thing anymore and her vocals are a little too raw for pop radio. 


On 12/9/2018 at 11:54 PM, Timber said:

It's the reason I avoid her songs. I didn't think other people felt the same way.

+ 1

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Genie in a Bottle
Just now, Green said:

3. Lie 51.7  :toofunny2: 


Why? This doesn't make any sense considering the streaming and itunes performance of this song  :skull: 

This. I don't even know this song :skull: 


Radio is so damn slow. Most of these songs are beyond played out by now. I wish that they'd change the playlists more than just once a season :jonny:


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Net Positive (02/01)

  1. (=) Eastside 56.2 (3rd week at #1)
  2. (+1) Without Me 55.9
  3. (NE) Better 53.9 (NE)
  4. (NE) 8 Letters 51.4 (NE)
  5. High Hopes 48.3
  6. (NE) Close To Me 47.7 (NE)
  7. Happier 47.6
  8. (NE) Be Alright 47.0 (NE)  
  9. (+2) Sunflower 46.7
  10. (NE) thank u, next 44.9 (NE)
  11. (-3) breathin 44.4
  12. (NE) Woke Up In The Sky 44.3 (NE)
  13. (NE) This Feeling 43.3 (NE)
  14. (NE) Consequences 40.6 (NE)
  15. (NE) SICKO MODE 40.0  (NE)
  16. (-5) Beautiful 39.9 
  17. (NE) Tequila 38.2 (NE)
  18. (NE) Nothing Breaks Like A Heart 31.4 (NE)
  19. (-4) Electricity 27.7
  20. (-4) Taki Taki 24.5


first report after 1 month and half! Halsey and Khalid smashing :jonny:

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