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SLASHER : Season One [END]


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Welcome to ATRL's newest Slasher Season!

Hosted by yours truly!



SLASHER is a community-forum game were a team of Campers are pitted against an evil team of deadly Slashers

Each day and night, the Campers & Slasher vote out a player in hopes of eliminating the enemy team.

For the Campers, if they Kill all the Slashers, the Campers win!

For the Slashers, if they Kill all the Campers, the Slasher Win!



Your Role in the Game will be given to you via PM.

If you are given a Slasher Team role, I'd advise to keep your role a secret from others

If you are given a Camper Team role, I'd advise to find fellow Campers asap


Special Roles:

Some Players will be given Special Roles besides a standard Camper or Slasher.

These Players will be given Special Abilities that will aid their team during the game.



Camper Team Roles:










Slasher Team Roles:









Ability Overview:


CAMPER Team Abilities:

Vote to Kill: You are allowed to Vote to Kill 1 Player per voting period.


Slash Proof Vest [COP]: Choose 1 Player each voting period to Protect against a Slasher Attack. Destroyed after use.


Resurrection [GHOST]: If you are killed and the Psychic chooses to Resurrect you, you are revived as if you never died!


Super Hot [HOTTIE]: You're so attractive that your Votes count as Two Votes.


Mind Reader [PSYCHIC]: Choose 1 Player per day to see what Team they are on.


Seance [PSYCHIC]: Choose 1 Ghost Player. You and 4 other Campers vote for the Ghost player to Resurrect. [Once per Game]


Slasher Scoop [TABLOID REPORTER]: View the Slasher's communications each day.


Body Block [SECURITY GUARD]: When a Vote to kill against a Camper Team Member is made, you can choose to sacrifice yourself instead. Instead of dying, you'll be incapacitated for 3 Nights and return as a normal Camper.


First Time [VIRGIN]: If you are chosen to be killed, you are not, but can only happen once.




SLASHER Team Abilities:

Vote to Kill: You are allowed to Vote to Kill 1 Player per voting period.


Fake Alliance [SICKO]: Part #1: You win when the Slasher's win and lose if the Camper's Win

Part #2: If you are the target of Mind Reader [PSYCHIC], it will show Camper Team instead of Slasher Team


Vote Swap [TRICKSTER]: Choose a Player, then choose who they Vote for-for Voting to Kill










@Fa1x intelectual



[Cop] @Diarrhoea





[Tabloid Reporter] @Alena

[Security Guard] @Sempiternal


Dead Slashers(4/7):

[Slasher] @Queen Conchita

[Slasher] @Nasty Nas

[Slasher] @Vulnicura

[Sicko] @Rian.

[Trickster] @ROADHOG




Dead Campers(3/13):

[Camper] @Lukey

[Camper] @thecptz

[Camper] @Verge of Obscene

[Camper] @PinkBox


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46 minutes ago, Lukey said:

Sign me up! This was so much fun before, I loved it. 

Hoping @PinkBox isn't on my team this time :) 

Same, I don't want to be killed by my own teammate :)


Sign me up! Ready to kill Lukey! :duca:

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