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Arguable Queen of R&B!!




- 60 Million Records Sold

- 2 8x Platinum Albums

- 2 #1 Singles

- 6 Top Ten Singles

- 7-time Grammy Winner








(Sex and Cigarettes)


(be back for edit)

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Mess, I was just going to make a base for Toni then this popped up :rip: 


The Queen is beyond underrated on ATRL. Her last album with Babyface was absolute gold. Not every album wins a Grammy :fan: 


Mama really needs to have a big comeback. Wouldn't it be something if she was able to get another top 20 hit :jonny: 

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35 minutes ago, jdmc218 said:

@Themistocles. Get in! Appreciate you legend

Here I am :smile: 


I love Toni, I "discovered" her only last year: her tone is amazing and so is her music.

I think my favourite album from her is The Heat, followed by Secrets and Libra (which is very underrated).

Her ballads are so good, they make my heart melt: Un-break My Heart, Spanish Guitar, I Don't Want To, I'm Still Breathing, Why Won't You Love Me...

He Wasn't Man Enough knocks and is for sure her signature uptempo, but she has several other uptempos that deserve to be mentioned: The Heat (well, maybe it's more a midtempo, but I bop hard when I listen to it), Please, Give It Back, You're Making Me High, Make My Heart, Heart Attack...

Her best song for me is Fairy Tale: love the mood, the lyrics, the guitar, the feeling :heart2:


Is it true that she's coming with a new album this year? I hope so... I need new Toni music in my life :duca:

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