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Eternals (2021) | First look

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16 minutes ago, blackout77 said:

Never watched DP2 who was gay in it?

Two lesbian is characters that only held hands. It was more effort than B&TB but neither one of the characters were the focus of the film. 

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15 minutes ago, Blood Magic said:

Marvel needs to give Luke Evans a call :gaycat3:

WAIT :eek: and he's already been in a Disney film too :duca: he'd be perfect for Hercules :jonny2: 



And get him to dress skimpy too so we can see his u know what :eli:

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The Unforgiving

I might watch this if the gay character is hot. I agrih with Luke Evans for the said role.


They better not half-ass it. If he's going to be a token gay character, they can keep it. He also better have a love interest and an epic romantic kiss in the third act, since the fragile str8s won't bother with this movie.

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Blood Magic




Previously we provided you an exclusive story about Marvel’s desire to cast an openly gay male lead. Now we can bring this additional, exclusive information from That Hashtag Show: we can confirm that the studio is seeking an actor to fill the role of James, who is “intellectual, emotional, and has a strong sense of family.” Specifically, the studio is looking at openly gay/bisexual Asian actors in their 20’s.


One name we hear is at the top of Marvel’s list for the role is Conrad Ricamora. He’s currently starring in How To Get Away With Murder. We have not heard back from Ricamora’s agent.



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