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Rate Signup Thread

Ace Reject

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1. The Supremes Singles Rate

Rate Host: @UnanimousBB16

2. Oh, Shit - At Least He Tried! Solo Boys in Pop

Rate Host: @Insanity

3. Close But No Cigar 10s - The #2 Singles Rate

Rate Host: @jdmc219

4. This Was POP: 2019 Part 2

Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6

5. The Radiohead Discography Rate

Rate Host: @Nemo

6. 1995 Makes The Woman

Rate Host: @Madame X

7. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize Rate Part 1: '03 - '07

Rate Host: Ace Reject



1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s 

Rate Host: Mark Rih

Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream"

2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: conatus

Winner: "No Ordinary Love"

3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate 

Rate Host: Sabbath

Winner: "Holding On To You"

4. This WAS 2016: Part 1

Rate Host: Eeveelution

Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky"

5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate 

Rate Host: Kxvk

Winner: "M"

6. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens 

Rate Host: Mark Rih

Winner: Taylor Swift, "Style"

7. Mariah Carey: The Remixes Rate 

Rate Host: Buyonce1814 

Winner: "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever)"

8. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Clueless

Winner: "Cloudbusting"

9. The Ciara Discography Rate 

Rate Host: K$Ellie

Winner: "Promise"

10. The Flops of 2015 

Rate Host: I am Luke

Winner: Ciara, "Only One"

11. Man! I Feel Like Shania! The Discography Rate 

Rate Host: Auburn

Winner: "Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come Soon)"

12. The New Wave of R&B: Part 2 

Rate Host: MP2K

Winner: Kelela, "Rewind"

13. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate 

Rate Host: Reverie

Winner: "Ain't No Way"

14. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate

Host: genetic fail

Winner: Lady Gaga, "Telephone (featuring Beyonce)"

15. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate 

Rate Host: Achilles.

Winner: "Freedom' 90"

16. 80s One Hit Wonders Rate 

Rate Host: Yndda

Winner: Lipps Inc., "Funkytown"

17. This Generation's Pop Girls: Part 3 [Top 40]

Rate Host: Mark Rih

Winner: Ariana Grande, "One Last Time"

18. Adele Discography Rate

Rate Host: feelslikeadream

Winner: "Rolling in the Deep"

19. 2017's Pop Girls ... So Far

Rate Host: Diarrhoea

Winner: Dua Lipa, "New Rules"

20. 21st Century One Hit Wonder Rate

Rate Host: Queen Conchita

Winner: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra)

21. PRIMADONNAS 2: The Rate 

Rate Host: Ace Reject

Winner: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)"

22. Grimes Discography Rate

Rate Host: Pendulum

Winner: "Oblivion" 

23. Entering The Madness: The Weeknd Discography Rate 

Rate Host: Pink Matter

Winner: "High for This"

24. This Generation's Pop Girls: The Final Act

Rate Host: Mark Rih

Winner: Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory"

25. This WAS 2016: Part 2 

Rate Host: Tom Vercetti

Winner: Mitski, "Your Best American Girl"

26. Don't Call It a Comeback

Rate Host: supaspaz

Winner: Rihanna, "Love on the Brain"

27. Bjork Singles Rate

Rate Host: theblackestday

Winner: "Pagan Poetry"

28. Lana Del Rey Essentials Rate

Rate Host: Clueless

Winner: "Brooklyn Baby"

29. Thank You for the Music: The ABBA Discography Rate 

Rate Host: conatus

Winner: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)"

30.These WERE The Singles: 2005 - 2009

Rate Host: Tom Vercetti

Winner: Madonna, "Hung Up"

31. The Hip-Hop Debutante Rate

Rate Host: Woo

Winner: Foxy Brown, "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z)

32. The UOG of the 80s: Part 2 

Rate Host: Ace Reject

Winner: Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth"

33.Kesha Essentials Rate 

Rate Host: K$Ellie

Winner: "Animal"

34. Billboard's 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century 

Rate Host: KatyCatPH

Winner: Shakira, "Whenever, Wherever"

35. The 21st Century One-Hit Wonder Rate: Part 2

Rate Host: Queen Conchita

Winner: Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn"

36. Ice Princess: The Azealia Banks Discography Rate 

Rate Host: prezli

Winner: "Liquorice" 

37. Linkin Park Singles Rate 

Rate Host: chilicheese01

Winner: "In The End"

38. I Was Thinking Bout Boys: The Singles Rate 

Rate Host: Carly

Winner: Harry Styles, "Sign Of The Times"

39. The Demi Lovato Discography Rate

Rate Host: Hanzo

Winner: "Tell Me You Love Me"

40. Jennifer Lopez Essentials Rate  

Rate Host: Killing Your Career

Winner: "What is Love?"

41. The Boss: The Diana Ross Singles Rate

Rate Host: Subomie

Winner: "I'm Coming Out"

42. Finally: The Namie Amuro Singles Rate

Rate Host: Kxvk

Winner: DR.

43. Read My Lips: The Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singles Rate 

Rate Host: EJQL8 

Winner: "Murder on the Dancefloor"

44. Kendrick Lamar Singles Rate

Rate Host: Clueless

Winner: "Alright"

45.The Tove Lo Discography Rate 

Rate Host: Moonlightbae

Winner: "Talking Body"

46. The Sleigh Bells Discography Rate

Rate Host: Diarrhoea

Winner: "Infinity Guitars"

47. The Selena Gomez Discography Rate

Rate Host: SoSickOfThatSOL

Winner: "Hands to Myself"

48. St Vincent Essentials Rate

Rate Host: Pendulum

Winner: "Strange Mercy"

49. The ULTIMATE US Girl Group Rate: The 21st Century

Rate Host: wabayou

Winner: Destiny's Child, "Lose My Breath"

50. The 2017 Alternative Rate

Rate Host: Superpower

Winner: The National, "Dark Side of the Gym"

51. THIS WAS 2017 

Rate Host: supaspaz

Winner: Kendrick Lamar, "DNA"

52. Solo Spice Singles Rate

Rate Host: EJQL8

Winner: Victoria Beckham, "Let Your Head Go"

53. Kanye West Singles Rate 

Rate Host: Clueless

Winner: "Runaway"

54. These WERE The Singles: 1990 - 1994 

Rate Host: Superpower

Winner: Madonna, "Vogue"

55. This Was 2017 Part 2

Rate Host: Tom Vercetti

Winner: Vince Staples, "Yeah Right"

56. The Mariah Carey Videography Rate

Rate Host: Kim Kardashian

Winner: "Honey"

57. Billboard R&B #1's Part 1: 1990 - 1992

Rate Host: conatus

Winner: Mary J. Blige, "Real Love"

58. The Katy Perry Discography Rate

Rate Host: Ferst

Winner: "E.T."

59. 50 Great Female Voices: The Rate

Rate Host: Pepo

Winner: Tina Turner, "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

60. Charli XCX Discography Rate

Rate Host: wabayou

Winner: "Vroom Vroom"

61. In a Reverie: The Tinashe Discography Rate

Rate Host: Pink Matter

Winner: "Bet"

62. The Flops of 2017

Rate Host: Lukey

Winner: Rachel Platten, "Perfect for You"

63. The Janelle Monae Discography Rate

Rate Host: K$Ellie

Winner: "Make Me Feel"

64. Female Top 5 Hits - '13 - '18 

Rate Host: umich

Winner: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"

65. When Pop Stars Grow Up

Rate Host: supaspaz

Winner: Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4 U"

66.The Kacey Musgraves Discography Rate

Rate Host: thecptz

Winner: "Merry Go-Round"

67. Beyonce Essentials Rate

Rate Host: Kool Aid King

Winner: "Don't Hurt Yourself"

68. So Into You: The Tamia Singles Rate

Rate Host: jdmc218

Winner: "So Into You"

69. Female Rap Rate Part 1

Rate Host: Diarrhoea

Winner: Cardi B, "Bickenhead"

70. This WAS 2018

Rate Host: supaspaz

Winner: Mitski, "Nobody"

71. Beyonce: The Discography Rate

Rate Host: JoAddams

Winner: "6 Inch"

72. This Was EXPERIMENTAL POp 2018: The Rate

Rate Host: TRF.

Winner: Yves Tumor, "Noid"

73. The Ultimate Other Girls: Teen Dreams (Part 1)

Rate Host: Ace Reject

Winner: Hilary Duff, "Come Clean"

74. MC30: Mariah Carey Discography Rate (Extra Festive Edition)

Rate Host: ThatBadEartha

Winner: The Roof (Back in Time)

75.  This WAS 2020 (It's The End of the World as We Know It... And I Feel Fine

Rate Host: Supaspaz

Winner: Dua Lipa, Don't Start Now

76. THIS WAS POP 2020: Oh Shit, At Least You Tried!

Rate Host: Touya Kinomoto

Winner: Katy Perry, Never Really Over

77. Non English Pop Songs

Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou

Winner: Rosalía, Malamente

78. The Ultimate Other Girls of the 90s - Part Five

Rate Host: Ace Reject

Winner: Christina Aguilera, Genie in a Bottle

79. Her Madgesty: The Madonna Discography Rate

Rate Host: @Madame X

Winner: Like a Prayer

80. This WAS POP 2019 P1

Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6

Winner: Ariana Grande, thank u, next

81. The Ultimate Little Mix Discography Rate

Rate Host: @pengkweeen

Winner: Sweet Melody 

82. The UOGs of the Aughts 4: Hateration and Holleration

Rate Host: @Ace Reject

Winner: Mary J. Blige, Be Without You

83. Whitney Houston Discography Rate

Rate Host: @GreatestLoveofAll

Winner: All The Man That I Need

84. The 2020 Queer Excellence Rate

Rate Host: @Blue Rose 

Winner: Perfume Genius, On The Floor

85. Disco Revival of 2020: The Ultimate Lockdown Party

Rate Host: @bestfiction

Winner: Jessie Ware, What's Your Pleasure?

86. 2000s Female Pop Rate

Rate Host: @naval23

Winner: Madonna, Hung Up


87. French Pop Divas: 2000s Edition

Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou

Winner: Alizee, Moi....Lolita

10. Tame Impala Essentials Rate

Rate Host: Clueless



1. The Radiohead Discography Rate  (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Tremor Christ

2. Beyoncè: The Essentials (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: digitaldistortion

3. Electronic Daddy Music: The Rate 

Rate Host: genetic fail

4. This WAS POP: 2001 (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: EJQL8

5. This WAS 2013: The Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: minho

6. 2010 ULTIMATE Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: mike9009

7. The Male Rebellion Rate: part 2 (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: conatus

8. This WAS POP 2017 (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Carly

9. The 21st Century One Hit Wonders Rate: The Ultimate Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Queen Conchita

11. THIS WAS 2017: THE EPs  (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Moonlightbae

12. These ARE The Acclaimed Singles (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Wicked

13. Prince: The Warner Brothers Years

Rate Host: Madame X

15. Sir Elton: The Singles Rate

Rate Host: conatus

18. THIS WAS... 2019

Rate Host: Claw

19. Charli XCX Mega Rate

Rate Host: Pop culture



1. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW)

Rate Host: Verge of Obscene

2. Gen Z-List Pop Girls: The Singles Rate

Rate Host: skiddo

3. Crystal Castles Discography Rate

Rate Host: Pendulum

4. Pure and Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate

Rate Host: StonedSoulPicnic

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Verge of Obscene
25 minutes ago, ririfan21 said:


I want to do a Nicki Minaj rate




The Crying Game will rightfully win once again.

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  • ATRL Moderator
On 1/19/2017 at 1:46 AM, M A R N ✮ said:

I may have to re open my rate....but prob won't till the site has more members...

Girl your last one didn't really do any damage.

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5 hours ago, Ace Reject said:

Girl your last one didn't really do any damage.

I got a few sent in before the site shut down, and some said can i send when the new atrl? 


And a few metalheads are joining soon :duca:



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Can I do a 7/27 vs. Glory Days vs. Red Flag album rate or is the latter too unknown for the girls? Were there any other 12 track girl group albums released last year?

Edited by August
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1 hour ago, Reverie said:

So I think I wanna do an Aretha or Stevie singles rate :emofish:

I'd definitely participate in an Aretha rate!




can someone do a George Michael (singles) rate? I didn't know ha before his death but now I'm OBSESSED.  

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On 1/19/2017 at 1:49 AM, Tom Vercetti said:

I'm ready for the New Wave of R&B part 2 and This Was 2016. 

This tbh.

51 minutes ago, MP2K said:


Hey big head. What's good with that New Wave of R&B rate? :emofish:

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Hi Ace, I suggested doing a rate of the winners from the biggest 100 rates from ATRL Classic. Is that a possibility? If not I can do a Miranda Lambert discography one, like you promised a while back.

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17 minutes ago, Pink Matter said:

This tbh.

Hey big head. What's good with that New Wave of R&B rate? :emofish:

Let the girls settle in first and we'll see what Ace says.

Edited by MP2K
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