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Florence + The Machine - 'High As Hope'

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28 minutes ago, Supervillain said:

Would it hurt to include Mirage and Light of Love?



THIS. ugh, she knows how used to receiving so many tracks each era we are . . then she releases 10. lmao it can't hurt to release two additional outtakes - why not?


ugh. also, that is so expensive lmfao 

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On 11/10/2018 at 5:43 AM, RideOrDie said:

I still use this album. It goes off when you are high on weed or psychedelics. I love every track. She did THAT. :worship::jonny4:

Ugh it really does. Especially the background noises in June and then how it LAUNCHES into Hunger. Her mind.

I love every song except Grace which is ok and I cannot tolerate the 100 Years slander. The way she breaks your heart at the end of Patricia and then rebuilds it with 100 Years. Her MIND.

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