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britney in rio





when will anyone else?


OT. liam needs to stop smoking.

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5 hours ago, Pure Adrenaline said:

seeing the pictures in the OP and seeing your avi .... phew, the difference. One is discounted bag of frozen ribs out of date and the other is a $1000 dollar steak :cm:

omg no one has ever spoken so much truth on atrl :clap3:

i couldnt agree more


5 hours ago, James_Dean said:

he looks like he has a 40-something year old man's head on a twink body :mazen:


& thats being nice :mazen:

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I still don't get the hype behind this bottom. The desperate gays and low standard girls can keep him for all I care. 

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Ugh, he makes me thirst and self-hating all at one glance at that body :jonny: like excuse me bitch stop

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